Enter the Host, cont.

April 15, 2006 at 11:36 pm (Meta)

The crowd is captured. For this evening, they will move with their host’s words. They will laugh when he jokes, and weep when he sighs. The host continues his introduction, but the performance has already begun.

“My life began in the wilds of Borneo, twenty-two years ago, during Monsoon season, already an orphan. Just as I escaped her womb, lightning struck my mother killing her instantly. My father I did not meet until years later. The storm destroyed the entire area, yet somehow I survived. Fortunately my saviors arrived in haste, visitors from a far away galaxy, they bore me up into the cosmos, and gave to me a childhood full of wonder and fantasy. They gave to me a consciousness of culture, and of the mind. We sailed through the stars on a didactic adventure until I was a hot-blooded youth, seventeen years old, with a burning desire to return home.

“I sought my father in America, and found him, but we had few words to exchange. I began to realize that I’d never really known this, the world of my birth. Many of its customs seemed strange, though I was no stranger to strange custom. I decided to entertain four years at a University in America; there I could gather a better understanding of this world, while living in a place likely to be less conscious of my then awkward habits. I found myself in an artful world, that only in the past few decades had begun to dispense with needlessly rigid creative architectures in favor of a rawer inspiration. I come here, this night, to share with you my reflections. Though I be young and incomplete in my knowledge of the greater context of these affairs, I hope you will find them, if not insightful, then, at the least, entertaining.”

The host bows, and the crowd applauds.

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