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April 15, 2006 at 4:10 pm (Theory)

I will write beautiful ballad-symphonies on gender symbols in Utena, to the deafening echo of dismissive sighs and raised eyebrows, and I won’t be happy either, because my poor little pieces will be lost in a field of missing context. Chimeric and non-constant though it may be, I feel some need to establish a foundation. Some bricks, a cornerstone here, even if I replace it with one three times stronger later, or tear down the whole manse, blow it to dust, and begin anew. This is my demesne, and to maintain my glassen pride I will give it some semblance of structure. I wish to build, not to glitter this land by casting down stars from up high.

It’s an experiment. Bringing coherence to a maelstrom of ponderance of thought on reading, and writing, and viewing, and filming. Why think so much about it in the first place? Can’t you just enjoy a fucking book and let it rest? Sure, and I often do, but of late my consumption process has been upset by my curiosity. One thing that piques my interest not at all is any attempt to frame merit for art. Rather than “Is it any good?” I’m interested in “Why did I like it?” and “How did it work?” I don’t want to pull deeper meanings from some vast anal cavity; I want to reverse engineer the entire situation, so I can understand who reads what and why and why they love it or hate or dismiss it or buy it or write slash about it or read it to their children and grandchildren before bed. How do the flashing lights, and jumbles of words and sounds come together to do something to us. There’s a psychology of consumption that wants to exist. I don’t have the resources for a six-million dollar theory, but hopefully I can manage something better than straw. This place is only part of the whole, and it will have a cleaner focus, bringing my eyes to bare anime, with only occasional glances elsewhere. Well, hopefully; the best laid blogs of men and hogs have a heavy Scottish accent.



  1. jpmeyer said,

    Layer: 01 would be a great pretentious name for an anime blog.

  2. Seth said,

    I guess, today, Lain might be sufficiently obscure. I keep forgetting that the 90s were some time ago.

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