The First Emanation

April 15, 2006 at 8:29 am (Meta)

I seem to have a habit of opening blogs late at night.

I tore the tape and plastic sheeting off of my windows yesterday, and let some fresh air into my third-floor bedroom for the first time in months. The weather is warming in Cleveland right now; Spring is trying to force its way into this city’s oppressive climes, and the scent of its oncoming fury keeps tipping in through my window, now that the barriers are gone. Olfactory memory is strong for me, and the breeze has gotten me reminiscing and brooding a bit: the perfect mindset for opening a blog.

I take the naming of things more seriously than many. Names highlight the power of language in brilliant neon. The rich breadth and depth of connotation possessed by our nouns and verbs and adjectives have is one reason that the Turing Test is a reasonable measure of intelligence. An ice cube isn’t just water in a solid-state, it’s this cold thing that you can feel melting into water in your hand, or changing the entire character of your beverage experience. Writing communicates because it draws on your experience with the world, and then contributes to it. And a name, or a title — perhaps the more appropriate term, in this case — is an attempt to summon all the connotation of a word or phrase and associate it with some new thing. Of course, blog titles are so ridiculously random and intentionally or unintentionally overreaching that I think most readers quietly ignore them. So I churned up something nice and overreachingly pretentious to call upon that lack of attention in what is clearly a pointless effort.

Then there’s this entire question of purpose. I’ve got two blogs already available to me, so why this other? The LiveJournal I’m hanging onto for flexibility and spontaneous chronicles of my pursuit of meat pies, and so forth; ZoD, on the other hand…I keep wavering about what I want to put on ZoD and what I want elsewhere. It has approximately zero content restrictions, but it still has a sort of ad-hoc purpose as a newsing-musing aggregate for the Ziggurati. However, lately I’m enamoured with writing on topics of a fairly specific bent. While this may not apply to the other Ziggurati, I’ve always fancied my presence there somewhat topically ephemeral and chaotic in nature, while this recent passion is more structured in nature. With such a distinct unit, I feel there is some call for a new template, a new location, a new title, a … okay, so I just want to wank endlessly about anime (and some other things) without concern for clogging up content elsewhere. Maybe I should have named it “An Adventure in Self-Emasculation.” That would have been totally emo.


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