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April 21, 2006 at 7:17 am (Anime)

I’m really glad Ouran High School Host Club is getting a Solar fansub. That means all three of my favorite shows of this season (This, Nana, and the Haruhi SuzuMouseClub TV Show) have really good subbers behind them (Solar, Live-eviL, and a.f.k respectively). I’m pretty happy with any sub that isn’t really really bad, since I don’t speak Japanese, but there are times when I can tell an idiom isn’t translating properly (like when Tamaki is talking about water and beautiful men).

Anyway, I probably won’t write any more reactions for this show. It’s good. It’s really really really funny. But I don’t know that I will really ever have much more to say about it. This covers my response after episodes one through three.

Big Gay Ben

Having once tried to watch Gravitation at Ohayocon, I know that the American fangirls are exactly like the girls in this show, except not, well, rich. But they screamed. Constantly. There are probably a lot of shounen-ai parody jokes I’m not getting, but I pick up on a few of them. Some of it is pretty straight-forward though, like how they each fit a fetish arch-type. Given how ridden with festish archtypes a lot of anime is, that was pretty amusing to me. So, in honor of the introductions, I’ll go over what I think about the characters one-at-a-time.

MoriTouga. Well, that’s what the local boys are calling him, at least. Pretty. Gallant. Stupid. But he is so full of suave that he can cover up any faux pas and make it look endearing. I love how he moves in big swishing gestures (I think he’s wearing sound-effect-generating pants).

I think Kyouya escaped from a Clamp manga and sought asylum in this show. Is it just me or has he not hosted any customers yet? Looks like we’ll get more on him in episode four though.

Hahaha twincest. Yeah that’s all I got. I’m not sure it’s possible to appreciate how hilarious these guys are unless you’ve ever had to deal with the yaoi fangirl crowd in some way (i.e. being in the same building as them). At Ohayocon it was a very successful business tactic for one of the doujinshi booths to repeatedly shout at the top of his lungs “GET YOUR GAY PORN HERE!!”, to which girls with huge inexplicable paddles labeled “YAOI” would generally come running.

I love how Honey is a senior. I will be gravely disappointed if I get through the end of this show and there has not been a single “Honey Flash!” joke though.

Mori seems like he’s mostly there to balance against Honey. Hopefully he’ll get some more attentention later in the show.

Ah Haruhi. I really like Haruhi because she is so totally the opposite of the anime shoujo archtypes that seem to be running around these days. She’s smart if a little slow to pick up on things sometimes, she has a nice self-serving streak, and she is totally unphased by the host clubbers’ posings. In the second ep I liked how she was a little embarrassed by the kiss at first, but got over it quickly when everything turned out okay instead of being like “oh noes. my virginti3s!”. I’m also enjoying how, while Tamaki has totally got the hots for her, he just gets looks of incredularity from Haruhi when he does his practiced gesturing, rather than swooning like Tamaki is used to. Yet she’s able to notice that Tamaki can also be genuine and — hmm I’m lacking an adjective here that’s not coated in connotations I don’t want; something like chivalrous or gallant but more genuine-sounding — can tell the difference between that and his posing. Also, at the end of ep 3, she was totally like “I want to be a prince!” after the defenders of yaoi justice came in to save the day.

I can’t remember if this show is slotted for 13 eps or 26, but I expect it to take a Hachikuroish turn away from the heavy comedy and end to more melodrama at the 50-75% mark. We’ll see, I guess.



  1. Meli Uchiha said,

    hey love your shows of the host club that I watch them a lot.

  2. Nekopau said,

    ^^ love the pics! the description of each one is simply adorable!

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