June 1, 2006 at 4:40 am (Anime)

A friend (and fellow student) once told me there are two kinds of grad students: ones who are working so much they seem to disappear from the Earth, and ones who probably should be. I’m in the midst of being the former type, though I did take a nice week-long constitutional in Virginia last week. Anyway, I’ve got a bit of time tonight so I’m gonna run through where I am on the series I was watching.

Black Lagoon: I think there have even been new subs of this released since my last update. Sigh. I’ll keep watching it if I can. Last watched: 03

Jyu Oh Sei: Alright, my interest is starting to wane a little here, but the show doesn’t have too much further to go and I kinda want to see everybody get back into space. Man, I was really expecting Blanc Wolf or whoever was going to end-up being Thor’s assumed-dead brother though. I forgot about that other dude. I’m starting to wonder if the manga for this (I assume there is one) is, like, a mazillion times longer, and possibly better. Last watched: 07.

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi: I still think this show is great, though my reactions are starting to condense into a general sort of *boggle* at whatever they’re doing this week. I have as much fun watching the tricks they play with the virtual camera as I do anything else, honestly. I have some more thoughts on the episode ordering and construction in general, but I think I want to wait until the show is over to voice them. Last watched: 09 (broadcast order).

Nana: Sigh. The subber I liked (L-E) seems to have dropped this, so I just caught up on it. The recap was a lot less irritating than I thought it would be. Actually, it made me kind of wonder why they’d had the first episode at all. This material fit in really well here, and it’s actually a lot more interesting with all the background context. One of the interesting things to me about this show’s construction is that we get all the solo background on the two main prots first so we have two complete characters who can be all dynamic once they meet, rather than discovering their solo backgrounds later through flashbacks (which is a more typical construction). Anyway. Still one of my favs this season. Last watched: 08.

Ouran Highschool Host Club: Still hilarious, but I think I’ve re-watched the early eps too much (partly showing them to other people to spread the meme). I may need to take a break and come back to finish this later. Meh. Gives me more impetus to always wait for the Solar subs. Last watched: 07.

Ray: DROPPED. Story was alright, but looked to be going nowhere fast, and, honestly, the graphic surgery crap was pushing my limits (which, I should mention, are far far less limiting than normal humans’ ;) for guro. Also, I was having a little trouble with the suspension-of-disbelief on their fantasy medical science. Last watched: 05.

Saionkoku Monogatari: Still looking good, but waiting for more subs to be released. Last watched: 02.

Tokko: DROPPED. Sigh. It was actually starting to interest me, and I was finding things I liked, but this last episode revealed that they had collected 12 of the 108 pieces of the plot they needed to complete the story. I’d had this recommended with the assertation that the manga changes to different characters’ perspectives in the third volume. This seems markedly unlikely to happen in the show, and even if it weren’t, I pretty much refuse to watch collect-the-coupons stories. Last watched: 06.

Utwarerumono: DROPPED. It wasn’t really that bad, but it was going in a direction (actiony war conflict) very different from the one I thought it would be (atmospheric self-reflection), and I found myself not wanting to devote time to each of the last two eps, so I decided to just quit. Last watched: 06.

xxxHOlic: Holic still impresses me visually, even though it’s not doing much new in that regard each episode. I think this might be the second prettiest show this season (after Melancholy). Oh, episode six was so great also. It had a baseball bat, and internet addiction! I flipped back through the first volume of the manga while I was in VA and realized at least two big reasons I didn’t like the manga even though I like the anime. The biggest was that the manga seemed more focused on cross-over fanwank with other Clamp stuff (the first volume ends with a Tsubasa Ch. crossover, sort of) and I don’t really care for that most of the time. The second was that the character development in the anime seems much better, much of which I attribute to the earlier introduction of Doumeki in the anime. Last watched: 07.

I have a competition-thing I need to spend the next ~2 weeks prepping for and then hopefully I will be posting more regularly. Though I may have more time than I think.

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