Melancholy of Thor Klein Continuity

June 19, 2006 at 1:29 am (Anime)

I was really into Jyu Oh Sei right up until it did the time-jump. I get why they needed the time-jump, and I didn’t have an inherent objection, it’s just that I haven’t liked anything in the show *since* then. I’ve been trying to figure out why.I think a big part of it is that the character development is all screwed up after the time jump. It’s kind of amusing (to me) if I compare this show to MoSH, which should by all rights have screwed up character development with its continuity jumps, but actually does not.

Mein Gott! Teh Dracula!

Everybody watching MoSH is all like “EPISODE ORDER WTF” but I’ve never felt like the character development in it was discontinuous. I actually have thought it’s kind of interesting that Haruhi’s interest in Kyon seems to be progressing roughly linearly with the production order (rather than continuity order). It never has felt to me like suddenly character interactions did not make sense due to missing context when the broadcast order would jump ahead in continuity. Contrast Jyu Oh Sei, which is broadcast in continuity order, but has this big time gap. Except I really feel the absence of character development left by the time gap. The last episode I watched (09) was particularly bad. I’m looking at the character interactions and just wondering where this stuff came from, and it made me realize that is a lot of my problem with the post-jump show.

Thor’s entire mentality has changed, it seems. I kind of liked him as a kid who was trying to balance survival by the skin of his teeth with maintaining a shred of decency in a world bereft of mercy. I thought that was kind of interesting. But now it’s like, “oh, yeah, well he pretty much took care of that major internal character struggle in the years we skipped; now we have a few eps left to wrap-up the plot”. Also, I somehow totally missed that Thor didn’t want to stick it in Tiz’s p00per, and just got really confused by that as well. And that he had a thing for Karin or w/e. Didn’t he just meet her one episode ago?!

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