Ow. Ow! Jyu Oh Sei is so bad now that I feel pain.

June 23, 2006 at 2:51 am (Anime)

Episode 10 was so incredibly ludicrous that I have to conclude the writers had FORGOTTEN how many episodes they had left, and just started throwing things together (shitttt, need some homosexual undertones here, some pseudo-science here, MORE TIZ BREAST SHOTS ON TEH DOUBLE!!).

Thor attended an inner city public school in Detroit

Is that a Jyu Oh in your pocket?

Men kept commenting on what a sexy beast Thor is. Actually, I was kind of expecting more of the g4y innuendo much earlier, so this wasn’t so much a surprise as an “oh, they finally remembered that they wanted to do that”.

Major Plot Contrivance #1

If Chimera had more dungeons, he would probably look like a treasure chest.

This was actually less stupid then I originally thought. It took me a second check to understand they weren’t suggesting (in a manner eerily remniscent of Ray-level pseudoscience) that Thor’s mother’s DNA had somehow jumped onto him and ATTACKED HIM. Still, Thor = Genetic Doppelganger? The implication is somehow that his chances of survival are higher if he looks like his mother. Where does that come from? It comes from suddenly realizing the obvious flaw in your contrived end-plot, and having to come up with an even more contrived explanation for that flaw. The miracle of plot holes >>> The miracle of DNA.

Thor has a future in the music industry.

“But…didn’t you just say you didn’t love me in that way?” “Well, yeah, but I hadn’t stared down your shirt recently when I said that.”

“That’s great Thor, but umm–” “What?” “Well you might want to look over your shoulder.”


Major Plot Contrivance #2

The Core called. It wants its story back. Oh wait, no it doesn’t. In fact, please, take this story, and then go die in a fire.

Alright, it’s slightly less dumb than the story in The Core, but they make up for it. Dr. Loki (I’d wondered where the last of the Incredibly Arbitrary Norse Pantheon Namesakes was) points out they don’t really need to kill millions of people to save humanity. But Odin says NEIN!. And why?

because he’s just as bored with this story as I am

And then they drop the ball


I was tempted to quit watching this, like, two episodes ago, but I said “ya know, only four more eps to go and maybe it will get interesting when they get back into space“. I guess it is less boring now, at the cost of being very very dumb. Whatever; one more ep of this to sit through and I will wash my hands of it.



  1. tj han said,

    I have to admit after the great first episode, this series has gone to hell. Shocking rate of deterioriation.. much like fresh milk left out in the open tropical environment.

  2. Rina said,

    Yes! Exactly! Can’t believe some people (yes, there are, believe me) actually loved this episode and the whole series even. *sigh* What some fangirls would do for OMG bishounenzzzz!!

  3. Zoe said,

    Ok, I admit I downloaded the series in the first place because of the gay innuendoes and it was getting major hype in the chinese anime community due to some super j-pop idol was cast as the seiyuu.
    But I could barely get past the 2nd episode without dropping dead in front of my PC. Scroll through the first 4 episodes before announcing this is just pure crap.

  4. Seraph said,

    i loved the series..the ending I agree was …well felt really really rushed. I really wish they had taken the time to properly end it.

    as for the thign about looking like your mother…i guess its more likely a parent will take care of you if you look like you could have come from them…you know? at least for people,…cus birds and lots of other animals don’t seem to have that problem (think Cuckoos…)

  5. sethjohnson said,

    Seraph, that’s not something I’ve really seen any evidence for in human behavior. Particularly in a culture with a diverse ethnic mix like the U.S. there are a lot of kids who don’t look at all like their parents.

  6. L’Antre de la Fangirl » Petites critiques de mangasses & bouquins - Part II said,

    […] Auteur : Natsumi Itsuki Editeur : Hakusensha Première parution : Décembre 1993 Nombre de volumes : 5 (fini) Je me souviens que je m’étais empressée d’acheter ce manga une fois la série du même nom terminée, tellement la fin de cette dernière m’avait parue plus qu’expédiée. Pour recentrer brièvement le scénario, Jyu-Oh-Sei raconte l’histoire de Thor, qui est envoyé malgré lui avec son frère jumeau Rai sur une planète sauvage qui fait office de prison, après l’assassinat de leurs parents. Le seul moyen de quitter cette planète est de battre tous les chefs des clans, et de devenir ainsi le Roi des Bêtes (le Jyu-Oh). J’avais vraiment beaucoup aimé la série, surtout la première partie, mais j’avais trouvé que la suite partait dans tous les sens, notamment dans les deux derniers épisodes et ses événements un peu trop abracabrantesques. […]

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