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August 12, 2006 at 5:29 pm (Anime)

Happy Seven is actually about a year old, but I just noticed recently that the subber had picked it back up, making me happy in all my private places. H7 is basically like the centroid of all mahou shoujo ever…and it’s HILARIOUS.

Let’s consult this handy checklist:

Each magical girl iconifies a different fetish? CHECK
Including a clumsy, but determined protagonist? CHECK
And they all also form a harem for a single male character? YOU BET!
Naked transformation sequences? CHECK
Which ALSO change the girls’ personalities? CHECK
SD episode previews run by their school’s mass media club and newspaper club representatives? YUP!
Where they respond to fanmail? OH MY YES!
And randomly wear shrine-maiden outfits? NO MISTAKE!

Okay, hold on, I need a break. Gotta catch my breath. Here’s some screen-caps.

This show has pretty much got everything. Even fish.

Poor protagonist-chan. Why are the good girls always the clumsy ones?

Naturally, the girls are bound to not reveal their secret identities, so in the first episode, they give protagonist-chan a roofie. Unfortunately for them, she has the magical power (only one she possesses so far) of roofie-resistance.

Okay. Okay. I have to talk about the girls for a minute. There are seven of them, so I can’t remember any of their names, but it won’t matter, I’ll just run through them by fetish. First we have MatureWoman-chan. I think she might even be the school nurse, but I’m not sure. When transformed, she becomes a calm and stately fortune-teller; normally, she is a saucy lady who tells a lot of “adult jokes.”


That right there is LoliTwins-chan. They also have narcolepsy. Naturally, when tranformed they become GENKI.

Let’s see…CCS-chan is normally demure. And then there’s fish-chan who is normally about as stoic and loquacious as Mori-sempei though she makes many more puns, but becomes an excitable girl who wields a MAGICAL FISHING ROD after henshin. Oh, but my favorite is the kind shy girl. Because, when she transforms…


Haha yeah. Oh, and they’re not technically part of the “Seven,” but in addition to harem-kun, they’re assisted by Twintail-megane-chan (their inventor) and furry-chan (who can detect evil spirits by turning into a dog and molesting protagonist-chan).

Another awesome thing is the fourth episode (the title of which is actually why I started watching the show in the first place). In this episode, one of the girls’ classmates has been rejected by her parents because she has the unfeminine hobby of constructing plastic models. This leads to a demon possessing her and causing her to dress and speak like a boy (according to all the characters: a very handsome boy). Now, the most common way Happy Seven exorcizes demons is to cause the possessed to “smile from the bottom of her heart.” Naturally, to get plamo-chan to do this they have to purchase a ton of plastic models and have a party constructing them. And thus, Happy Seven returns to the Plamo Club its “idol”.


Seriously, this show is awesome, and if you skipped it when it came out either because it hadn’t gotten subbed yet or because YOU SUCK, pick it back up now.

* This was the Hard Gay cosplayer at Otakon. He was fucking awesome. Good job, dude!



  1. Anga said,

    I watched Happy Seven back when it aired and liked it a lot. Yes, it’s totally cliched show, but still funny. Clumsy girl was my favourite character, always giving some reason to laugh. And episode previews are the win. =)

    Totally unexpected appearance of HG there…

  2. cory said,

    I like the live action power rangers for “dads” to watch :P

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