Things about Tsuyokiss 02

August 17, 2006 at 1:22 am (Anime)

Everybody likes things, right? Subbers remembered that this show still exists I guess, so I just saw the second episode. On to the things!

Honk if you love JUSTICE!”

The Chief

This episode is all about honor and passion, as brought to you by the “chief,” who looks suspiciously like the pirate surgeon in Ray.

Evil Student Council President

I love the student council headquarters. I also love it when the villain is the student council president. Except instead of plotting to oppress women, this student council president is plotting to get in the other girls’ pants. She also does things like…

Mandatory Cosplay

The ostensible purpose of this fashion show is to “have everyone vote on next year’s seifuku design,”

But apparently it has more to do with satisfying Eri’s “weird fetishes”

b…b…bulge! I wonder what the female audience reaction is…

Yeah that seems about right.


This show is so random.


I’m not really sure what Twintails was doing here, but she got interrupted.


… *cough* Men without hats.


Whatever. This fight was hilarious. The only way it would have been better would be if she had said, “I HAVE CUT ANOTHER WORTHLESS OBJECT,” after slicing the bikes in half.


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  1. yuribou said,

    This show looks even more awesome. My kind of anime fluff rubbish

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