Black Lagoon was pretty much totally awesome

August 18, 2006 at 7:50 am (Anime)

There’s honestly not that much more to say. Well, okay, I got a few things. Aside from a persistant issue of not really knowing an appropriate moment to cut to the end credits (it felt sooooo random for almost every episode; like they just set an egg timer to 23 minutes and then would just finish whatver cut they were on and then start the credits), I don’t have any complaints about this show after finishing it. Originally I felt like it needed a little extra something, but that concern shifted away after I got about halfway into the show; it either got better or I got used to its style.

So, I’m excited there’s gonna be a second season, but what I really want to do now is get my hands on some of the manga. I’m really curious, because this anime felt sooooooooo much like the kind of thing I’m used to in Western action comics. For instance, rather than using totally sweet action sequences to display Anime Virtues (like Friendship, Courage, and GUTS) it tends to use its totally sweet action sequences to highlight existential and moral themes. A lot of this is really contrasting Rock and Revy. Rock isn’t really depraved so much as disillusioned, but while Revy seems sorta friendly and we laugh at how she shoots people, the show makes it clear that she is seriously fucked up. The whole thing with the kid in the Meido arc is kinda neat if been-done-a-lot-before because we’re sorta laughing at how she’s going all Terminator, but the kid is seriously terrified that this person who seemed so nice to him is actually a cold-blooded killah. So there’s a lot of emphasis on that facade, and it’s the kind of theme I’m really used to in Western comics / Graphic Novels, but unaccustomed to in anime. So I want to read the manga now. I also want Revy to take off her top.

Oh, right, I’m supposed to include a screen-cap!



  1. Crayotic Rockwell said,

    Y’know I read the manga up to the Roberta Patrick T-1000 arc end (it’s appearance was held off for the anime) and I think this is one of the few cases I’ve seen where the anime kicks it’s ass.. not just because they’ve taken the manga panels and made pretty moving pictures from them with sound (of course it helps), but because it seemed to me that the manga was a lot faster paced with far less dialogue.

    Unless they (the anime) just cribbed dialogue from later volumes and shoved it into the early chapters, of course…

    Anyway, bring on the second season and give me a spin-off series with Mr. Chan, Baralaika, Roberta, and “Yes it is” Lady

  2. helspectre said,

    I think what was really great, was Revy’s gradual tranformation and opening up to Rock. Rock becomes more like Revy, Revy opens up more as well. The fact that Revy saved Rock without any returns in mind was pretty awesome.

  3. crackpot said,

    hi, new to ur site, but i have started watching some anime, and black lagoon is one of them. which sub do u watch, do you watch shinsen subs? because i remember her name being Levy, and i also saw it mentioning Revy at times, im only in episode 7, and it seems to be pretty slow so far, not much character development or action sequences, will catch the other 5 later.

  4. sethjohnson said,


    Revy and Levy are the same name in Japanese. I could get into a huge thing about the language, but basically Japanese doesn’t have distinct ‘R’ and ‘L’ sounds

    Hmm, episode 7. I can’t remember exactly which one that is, but I think that’s right before the Maid arc, which is pretty action-heavy. I thought the nazi arc (which I recall having some decent action) and the interlude after it was actually pretty good on character development, but it depends on what kind of “character development” you’re looking for.

  5. Who needs a name said,

    As far as the name goes, revy (or levy…all tomatoes to me) is a shortening of Rebecca. I don’t remember which episode it was but I’m fairly certain they called her by her full name (first one anyways) at least once. Or not. Shoot me if I’m wrong, I could care less.

    The anime was awesome, the second season should be as well, and who doesn’t want Revy to take off her top. Asise from that I will never look at a nun the same way again, and I thought they were scary before.

    Oh, and while ‘Yes it is’ lady is cool to watch, it just won’t be the same without the potsmoking Irish driver. Hope he got to Liverpool

  6. matchstick man said,


    man it fucking rawks!! wish there was enough manga for season 3 though :(

  7. fire man said,

    of course black lagoon is the best!

  8. jonny-boy said,

    Also, revi is a kind of gunsight.

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