Hiatus Intermission

September 23, 2006 at 6:41 am (Anime)

For all ten of my readers that might be wondering, yeah I’m still alive, if very busy with other things. Currently don’t have computer up at my new apartment, so I hadn’t really been watching any anime. Fortunately for me, the CWRU Anime Society has begun its Fall Airings. Nothing terrifically new (the current format of the meetings does not work with currently airing anime), but pretty good stuff. I’ve already seen Nadesico and most of Ouran, but the third series being aired is Mushishi which was one of those “I’ll get around to it” shows I kept meaning to watch, but never quite did.

I keep expecting Mushishi to put me to sleep, yet somehow my attention is…held. I’m not yet willing to rule out the influence of cold pills. Seriously though: slow-moving, episodic philosophidrama about a metaphysical PI sounds like a great recipe for rapid unconsciousness (not that I need anything more potent than AIR). I love it when I don’t react to shows in the way I expect, because it usually gives me something to write about: puzzling out the psychological processes between me and the media. Known data points are no fun.

The art is certainly vivid. I’m also really glad I have at least a vague notion of the character of Shintoism, since this seems in some ways like a very Shinto-y series. I’d described it (based on watching the first episode) to people as “The X-Files if Mulder were a Shinto priest in an anime”.

I think I’m going to have to do some background research to unravel this show. Are the mushi in this show part of the traditional Japanese mythos? Is there a particular source I should look at?

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