I have 8GB of backlogged anime to watch

September 30, 2006 at 4:01 am (Anime)

I finally got my computer back online after five weeks of back-ordered parts and phone calls. I feel sorta like that Tigers fan guy in Densha Otoko who busts up his computer and then has to spend a week catching up on the thread before he can give Densha good advice. Considering I have over a month of unwatched shows to plow through, it’s quite possible I’ll have something interesting after that. Looks like most of the Spring and Summer stuff is wrapping up, so this is sort of like the end of Round One of aniblogging for me, since that was basically where I started.

On a more random note, I’ve realized that I tend to like shows that do a really good job of crossfading in their ED music (well not crossfading exactly, but the transition where the ED song introduction begins as the episode is ending), like Ouran, and, iirc, the first half of Shana. A really bad example is Black Lagoon, which had no idea how to fade-to-black properly at all. A good transition helps bring the episode to a satisfying end for me and that’s always a good thing.



  1. torpy said,

    Sometimes no fading can also help, such as at the end of Ouran 25 where the cross-fading was almost non-existent.

    I know that was more powerful rather than having any fading there, I was just staring at the screen at that point trying to get to grips with what Tamaki had just said..

  2. sethjohnson said,

    “I was just staring at the screen at that point trying to get to grips with what Tamaki had just said..”

    I might have been. If it hadn’t been in the fucking episode title. I hate spoilers.

  3. torpy said,

    It was more me trying to come to grips about what he’s said about Éclair rather than the episode title spoiler bit.
    And yea, the spoiler in the title sucked pretty hard.

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