Phew. 16 episodes down. Many more to go.

September 30, 2006 at 11:00 am (Anime)

I finished Hachikuro II. Watched Ouran through 25, and Bokura ga Ita through whatever the sex episode (lol spoiler) was.

Hachikuro II – EAT YOUR LUCK
I had mixed feelings about this the same way I did about the second half of one. When the show is trying to be funny it is got-damn hilarious. When it’s doing the melodrama thing it’s a little hit and miss. It’s usually overplayed, but particular parts of it seem to work for specific people. I really liked Mayama’s end-episode where he catches Rika with that hilarious alarm. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen something that could be moving while being simultaneously hilarious. Mmm, GTO maybe, but I’m weird like that. I was pretty bored by Hagu / Takemoto though. And Morita’s brother just kept needing to get over it (then he did, and that was nice).

So I was watching the last episode and Takemoto starts tearing into those …Clover? I thought they were art. Sandwiches?! Wait, that’s…Honey…and Clover. Oh. NO. I don’t know if it’s poignant-clever or just the most ridiculous thing ever. Was all the food in the first OP in season one just FORESHADOWING this ending?! I am making way more out of this than an ordinary man should. But I..AM NO…ORDINARY MAN.

Ouran continued to be Ouran. The yaoi girls amuse the hell out of me. Renge is awesome. Haruhi wins by necessarily (in the name of parody!) reversing almost every anime romance girl standard. Etc. Etc. Ending is coming up kinda suddenly though. Who the hell foreshadows a love conflict two episodes before the end of the show? Oh right. Anime. I’ve been gone too long.

Bokura ga Ita
This show seems to move between being horribly cliched and boring, and being pretty slick and smart. That sex scene was so disconcerting. I react sorta not well to girls fucking and not actually getting pleasure out of it. Except he claims there was no penetration. So what I want to know is: 1) WTF was causing all that jostle from her PoV and 2) WTF hurt so much?? I guess it’s possible he’s the most incompetent lover ever. I did laugh at how she’s like: I want us to save up to go to Disneyland and have sex for the first time there! And he’s like “damn I am never getting laid if I have to get tha tmuch money first”. It’s like she’s dating an ex-protagonist of an eroge. She hears stories about him fucking his exes in the school gym, and now he’s so used to women melting into him at first sight that he has to sells his shoes to pay for love hotels.

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