Anime Ketchup, Part 17-25

October 1, 2006 at 7:31 am (Anime)

Phew. I forgot Zero no Tsukaima was only 13 episodes. Caught up through 12. It continued to be incredibly generic, but fairly entertaining. The more praiseworthy subject is Tsuyokiss, which I’m caught up through, uh, 4 on. Two more headed my way. I started to post a long list of all the reasons Tsuyokiss is great after watching the 3rd episodes, but then I remembered I already did that after watching the 2nd episode six weeks ago. I continue to remember all the flac Tsuyokiss seemed to take on release and just kind of stare dumbfounded. This show is pretty great. Forget about the tsundere thing. I think that’s where the critcism was coming from. That’s not why it’s good. Why is it good? It’s freaking KUJIBIKI UNBALANCE INCARNATE. I mean, it has dialogue like this:

“Twin tail wanting to defeat ponytail? You’re 100 years too early.”
“This has nothing to do with hairstyle!”
“You’re too nieve. The hairstyle is the life of the girl. Because you split your life in two, it’s fated that you will lose.”

How do you defeat that? Also, Twinteiru has the Power of Acting. This is an instance of the anime virtue Passion. Passion virtues can be totally great, because sometimes they give you things like GTO. But then sometimes they give you really mediocre sports anime.

I also caught up a few episodes of Nana. To wherever it is. Not much to say there. It’s getting a little soap-opery for me, but I’ll probably keep watching it just because having some Ai Yazawa Josei Anime on the plate helps keep me from suffocating in the immature over-fetishized romance of most of the other anime I watch (I did a brief presentation on the genre conventions of High School Romance in anime, and how they are played up and fetishized today. Well sorta; it wasn’t that complex. I might post a summary here later).

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