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October 6, 2006 at 8:14 am (Anime)

I love the tilde. It’s so bad. It’s probably for the best that I can’t force the title into a scripty italic font as well.

Actually, I didn’t have a whole lot left to watch after the last batch. A few episodes of Holic, and some Gokinjo Monogatari. Oh and another episode of SaiMono popped into the queue that’s interesting enough I’ll give it a few words.

SaiMono 19
I’m not sure where it’s going in the end, but I have an affliction for gender politics, and I really like how in this episode she’s got teh ballz to tell the emperor she certainly didn’t take the national examination to become his consort, and she’s sorry but he’ll have to take his wuv elsewhere. Course he kissed her anyway; it’s good to be the king. That whole scene was pretty cool.

This show is also sorta interesting in the way it’s arced. Most anime tend to do arcs of about one kuuru (I’m really not sure if this is supposed to be kur or kuuru…13 episodes). SaiMono mostly has arcs of about four episodes each, which is roughly the same length as a two-parter for an hour-long TV show. I think that works pretty well for it.

I’m up through 23 now, which was the latter half of a kinda neat two-parter where Watanuki almost dies…again. 23 is the first episode that Doumeki has EVER displayed an emotion vaguely akin to surprise. It was kinda sweet. You gotta like Doumeki. I had higher hopes for this show, but it’s going about where I expected. I think it does a really good job of what it does and is probably under-rated, but it’s still really episodic and refuses to provide dynamic characters. Of course, this isn’t a show *about* dynamic characters. I like the way this show looks, but I think it could look even better with…more budget maybe? It has my favorite OP I think this year. If the whole show looked like the OP, it would be pretty sweet (paging GITS: SAC…).

Gokinjo Monogatari
If you’re wondering what the fuck I’m talking about what is this show; it’s NOT NEW. But it’s (very slowly) getting a complete sub by IYF. While it has all the subtlety of an After School Special, Gokinjo Monogatari is kind of sweet (like cute-sweet, not awesome-sweet). For some reason I tend to like older anime more. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s like wine. Bad wine is always bad wine, but good wine is…no this metaphor sucks. Well, GoMono is pretty good though. In addition to being a somewhat endearing love quadrangle story, it has a decent bit of humor. And a character called “Nice Body-ko,” and the title of the next episode is “moeru patsukin onna” and features mikako in a “lolita” t-shirt. I guess I should assume a slight -points handicap against this show on account of me being an Ai Yazawa fanboy (well sort of; I don’t really read a lot of manga, but I liked the anime that are based on hers, and they carry a distinctive style). I think one thing that helps me buy the drama is that the characters are kwazy ai yazawa designs, not carefully crafted moe golems. And, well….Warpu!



  1. jpmeyer said,

    I think the actual spelling is “cours”.

  2. mai said,

    You like Ai Yazawa too? Luvs her… she’s the demon queen hihihi

    Anyway, you might like to check out and join the celebration of Ao Yazawa fans here in the Philippines.

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