Watching Kanon is such an emotionally powerful experience that I nearly cried after viewing only one episode

October 7, 2006 at 10:22 am (Anime)

I wasn’t going to watch Kanon. I might still not watch Kanon. There’s a short list of reasons why it is Not My Thing. But for whatever reason I decided to go ahead and check out the first episode.

I’m not sure I paid all that much attention to the dialogue. The plot is as thin as an Oscars dress, and I don’t get bubbly over sad girls in snow. Yet, a strong emotion seemed to overwhelm me as I viewed this, and a sorrowful phrase kept wisping its way across my lips. Not revulsion. Nothing quite that bad, yet strong enough to bring me close to tears. The emotion was a sense of jilted disappointment with the universe. The phrase?


Watching Kanon 01 reminds me of how good Kyoto Animation has gotten at what they do. I can make absolutely no complaints about the art, animation, and direction. They don’t skimp on their backgrounds. They put in lots of extra frames for dramatic parts, rather than cutting back and forth between stills. The voice-acting is above average as well (the first girl they introduce annoys me, but I was surprised at how much I liked the voicework for the super-fetishized wingpack girl). But I don’t care about this story! Waaah. Wah. *cry*

I am sure this show is going to make an assload of money, because a lot of people seem to like the eroemosim genre far more than I do, and on top of that this is a really really pretty series. I get a very immersive sense of the winter season (which is a lot of the point I think). If only that were coupled with a story I felt it wasn’t a waste of my mental attention to process, I would be Super Happy Seth, beaming in my chair watching good anime. This is a very similar sense of loss to the one I feel when really awesome TV shows get cancelled prematurely. I guess I’ll just have to wait a few months. Hopefully the studio will pick up something interesting after that.

Actually, I may watch this show as a form of performence art. It will make me totally emo, because I will grasp at the threads of what could have been some other TOTALLY AWESOME show in my life, but is instead a vapid prostitute I’m only interested in for her looks. Since Kanon is supposed to make you emo with its story, the performence art will be the immense irony of my reaction, which I can hopefully appreciate with a different part of my brain.



  1. drmchsr0 said,

    But seth, you haven’t played through any of Key’s games.

    I suggest you try Planetarian. Then come back to watching Kanon :V

  2. tj han said,

    See, that’s why Kyoani hit with TSR. They should be the ones doing the Beck anime.

  3. Danny said,

    they did Kanon because of the success with Air

  4. sethjohnson said,

    @drm, I really don’t think that would make me appreciate it any more. The game I probably wouldn’t resent so much, since it’s not keeping a studio I like a lot from doing something better instead and because I don’t really care if the plots in my porn are a bit nurui.

    @tj, … *cry* That’s a GREAT idea. Oh well.

    @Danny, Yeah I know why they’re doing it. As I recall, the Kanon creators specifically requested KyoAni do this remake or something, based largely on their successful work on AIR.

  5. keiclone said,

    actually, it was because of the massive amounts of email from fans

  6. unoalgiorno said,

    What is Kanon? A tv show? A serial? Why don’t you throw out your TV and start living?

  7. sethjohnson said,

    Well, I watched/read (what is the verb for a Kinetic Novel?) Planetarian. It was pretty decent. I don’t know how it’s supposed to make me like the Kanon remake more though.

  8. Rylee said,

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