NURUI! There is nothing really great premiering this Fall.

October 15, 2006 at 10:41 pm (Anime)

Well, I’m still holding out hope for Hataraki Man, but here’s how things break down so far:

(I am still too lazy for screenshots)

The Good, but not exactly Premiering This Fall
I guess Chevalier d’Eon can be counted as a Fall premier, even though the first episode aired several months ago. It is still pretty sweet, with swordfights and Lia and quicksilver zombies and so forth. It’ll probably do really well in the U.S.

There’s also the second season of Black Lagoon, which is still a lot of fun, though the first two eps aren’t as interesting as some of the better eps from the first season. First season had its ups and downs as well. They still don’t know how to crossfade to their ED properly.

The Kinda Okay
Pumkin Scissors, Super Robot Wars Original Gansta, Assate no Houkou. Like, these were all interesting enough I guess, but they don’t really make me think they will be awesome. Some people will really like Pumpkin Scissors. Assate no Houkou would be better if they would kick its pacing up a little bit (tooo slooow).

The Probably Going To Go Rapidly Downhill
Death Note. Death note has a potentially interesting premise, but at least 90% of the time anime totally sucks at doing interesting things with interesting premises and it does lame things instead. This will also do really well in the U.S. And I’m kinda interested in its U.S. performance, because I think the manga is already pretty popular (and for sale) here; I wonder if the licensors will notice (maybe this is already obv. to them; I dunno) the marketing power of prebuilding an audience with manga releases.

Tokimeki Memorial. The first episode was pretty funny, but I really don’t see this having much staying power. At its best it might be not quite as funny as FMP Fumoffu. I think it’ll be surprisingly successfull with fans though.

Sumomo bobobo roflmao. I would have liked this more if I didn’t find Sumoko’s voice sorta grating. It was funnier the second time I watched it, which is a good sign. It seems like they have an art budget of zero; I saw the manga designs and Sumoko looks a lot less like a hurried sketch. Of the shows in this section, Sumo6 probably has the most potential to get better rather than worse. I don’t know though; if they just keep hammering the same joke I’ll probably get tired of it really fast.

The eroge adaptations
Kanon. I’ve already pretty much said my piece on Kanon. I’ll probably keep watching it even though I know it’s going to be bad, because of my immense capacity for masochism. And boredom. It’ll be slightly redeemed by the parts of it that are funny or neat instead of emotarded. Like Akiko’s jam. It’s truly outrageous.

Otoboku. Saw the first episode. It had two awesome parts: the hilarious orgasm thing before the OP started, and the SD ED. The rest of the show was pretty generic. I will give it a few more episodes I guess, but it’s pretty obvious what the entire show is gonna be.

The things I can watch instead of new anime for a while
Subs are still being finished for: Nana (well it’s still running anyway), Welcome to the NHK, SaiMono, Bokura ga Ita, and Tsuyokiss. See, there is nothing close to as good as any of those shows coming out now this Fall except for Chevalier and Black Lagoon, which are only kinda from this Fall anyway. Also, theoretically there will be more subs for Gokinjou Monogatari. That would make me SUPER GENKI.



  1. Os said,

    “Sumomo bobobo roflmao”

    Ahhh, I lol-ed.

  2. tj han said,

    I loved most of the new shows and I’ve watched like twice your number haha. My standards are slipping fast!

  3. vinland said,

    Death Note pretty much delivers, honestly. The main problems with the anime adaptation so far are that Madhouse is screwing up the pacing a bit by airing things out of order, and that 39 weeks is positively glacial for a story light on action and long on building tension. But if you’re still watching Nana, that shouldn’t be a problem.

    Bartender’s pilot is actually kind of awesome, but it probably belongs in the ‘probably going rapidly downhill’ pile.

    Code Geass is by no means good, but has the potential to be top flight trainwreck hilarity. If Mai Otome was Sunrise’s Gundam x Nanoha fanfic, Code Geass is Gundam x Death Note.

  4. sethjohnson said,

    @tj, Standards?

    @vinland, I didn’t think there was anything particularly bad about the first two eps of Death Note, I just predict it will get boring and/or stupid. I haven’t read the manga though. It’s also not exactly my kind of thing. Code Geass eh? Maybe I’ll check that out. Is it full of PASSION and JUSTICE and COURAGE?

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