Code Geass made my prehistoric blood boil. Okay, more of a simmer I guess.

October 17, 2006 at 4:38 am (Anime)

Suggested by Vinland as fun in a terrible sort of way, I watched the first episode of Code Geass. It was PRETTY ENTERTAINING! But I think it’s another one for the “Going to go rapidly downhill” pile. It will probably be fun to watch the flames of its demise into sucking horribly though. I’d be a lot more optimistic if all of the characters that I thought seemed interesting hadn’t been shot in the head in the first episode. I hope it’s not very long.



  1. Skane said,

    It’s Sunrise. They’re the Marvel of anime. Permanent death is a foreign concept to them.


  2. sethjohnson said,

    Yeah that kinda figures.

  3. tj han said,

    Boom headshot! Now that’s an American thing. Japanese go, “My guts, honour and desire to protect will force the bullet out of my head!”

    Btw it’s a pretty good show, although I think CLamp stinks.

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