Hataraki Man

October 19, 2006 at 5:16 pm (Anime)

+10 points: pen-spinning
+20 points: gender politics
+25 points: I like josei anime, because it’s less retarded.
+5 points: amusing character introductions
-5 points: character introductions did not include statistics, i.e. Pani Poni Dash
+10 points: transformation
+10 points: transformation causes her to work “three times faster”
-10 points: I think they stole their cast from [INSERT AMERICAN PROCEDURAL DRAMA]
+5 points: I like the cast dynamic anyway
-15 points: Meh. Stories about corrupt politicians immune to your knowledge of their corruptions

are kinda tired.
+20 points: the chief is awesome. SO AWESOME, that he got his very own lens flare.
+15 points: theme music
+40 points: production quality (good voices, pretty good animation, pretty good direction)
+1000000 points: being a good anime that isn’t centered around romance or explosions. U WIN!

So, this show is pretty much what I expected, but that’s a Very Good Thing. It’s basically the only anime this Fall for which I don’t need to actively decide whether or not it’s worth watching because it’s simply that *good*.



  1. retsgip said,

    I laughed, cried, and I felt the burning passion of Hataraki Man! I pretty much got what I expected it to be. Hopefully it keeps getting subbed.

  2. Quarkboy said,

    Oh, it will. Arienai doesn’t drop projects. (Not one, in our history :) ).

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