Screw this Fall’s anime; I’m already looking forward to Lucky Star

October 20, 2006 at 5:07 am (Anime)

I caught wind from AoMM that KyoAni’s project for this Spring is an adaptation of LuckyStar, a manga I was unfamiliar with before reading this.

First off, I really do not care if they do more Haruhi. While I thought the show would have been better with more episodes in the first place, I don’t really think a second season would do all that much for it. It might actually have a negative impact, unless it was really shockingly disturbingly good. I’m much happier to see KyoAni working on something new that isn’t an sad-girl eroge adaptation, or a sequel or remake.

Anyway, I’m pretty excited after looking over the Wikipedia page for Lucky Star. First of all, it’s a yonkoma. The only yonkoma adapted into anime that I’m aware of are Azumanga and PPD. I think it’s a challenging format to adapt from compared to manga or light novels, but those both came out pretty well. I’m very curious to see what KyoAni will do with 4koma source material.

Also, while from glancing over the first chapter of the manga I didn’t find it that funny, I think it has a lot of potential, particularly since the main character is a high school girl who works in a cosplay cafe to fund her eroge habit. Man, anime is getting really incestuous with its fandom these days (I think that’s awesome, incidentally).


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