Kyon makes harem-cruising so much more fun

November 6, 2006 at 5:18 pm (Anime)

Somehow I haven’t dropped Kanon yet. Kanon 05 actually had some pretty funny scenes, mostly due to Kyon being pretty gung-ho about his harem.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Best walked-in-on-you-naked scene EVAR.

[Insert Kool-Aid Man joke]

This was an interesting translation choice. I think it’s pretty appropriate, though I guess you really need the subcultural context to laugh at this

He’s really hilariously sadistic.

Being sufficiently unlike generic harem shows is worth some level of appreciation in my book. Also, posting screen shots is reminding me that I do actually like the art in Kanon a fair bit. I wonder if I’d be more able to appreciate the show if I didn’t know, like, all of the spoilers already. Probably not.



  1. dsong said,

    I admit it IS a unique approach; not too many anime have dared to put in a sadistic, condescending bully in the lead. Nor do we see many bulletproof protagonists. Let’s see how far they can take this.

    They might as well go all the way and have Yuuichi sleep with all the girls before dumping them all, and return home as a full-fledged stud.

  2. Seth said,

    I don’t think he’s *that* bad. He’s more playfully sadistic than antagonistically sadistic. It’s funny.

  3. Andrew said,

    What’s great about it is the fact that it is the complete opposite of what normally happens in Harem shows, even the original Kanon.

  4. Seth said,


    Yeah that was pretty much my thought. I’d wondered just how deviant this Yuichi was from the old anime’s. And from the game’s?

    It’s not suprising. It’s not Yuichi. Kyon got the chance to star in crossover harem fanfic. GANBATE KYON!

  5. tj han said,

    It’s Kyon. But not Kyon actually. It’s the physical manifestation of the bold and the daring in Kyon’s heart.

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