Code Geass has one two many ‘s’s, but still rockss me ssensseless.

November 16, 2006 at 9:55 am (Anime)

The explanation of the post-subject is that I finally understood the show’s title after episode 5, because I figured out they meant Geas not “Geass,” which is a word I know due to my D&D-enhanced vocabulary (I remember when I was ten my mother was like “where did you learn words like ‘adjacent’ and ‘melee’??”). Incidentally, because I don’t know the IPA it took me like fifteen minutes to dig up the correct English pronounciation of “gesh”. Anyway, I’m glad I finally picked Code Geass back up, because it continues to entertain, particularly with episode 5, which is the subject of this post.

Episode 5 basically had more anime cliches than I can count, and that is NOT A BAD THING. It’s so ridiculous; the badness angle is way up there. The CLAMP character designs make it all even better. Anyway, here’s a pictorial run-down of episode 05 with snarky captions:

C.C. has her own them music; Lelouche must be seriously jealous to not have something like that to increase his penchant for the overdramatic

Suzaku must have looked through Sunrise’s production history to come up with this disguise. I wonder if the Lancelot is three times faster than the other mechs.

Dodge toward your chopsticks hand!

Neko, Hime (was this seriously fooling anyone?), PHAG; I don’t think she can beat out the fetish-count on Lelouch’s sister who has like loli, imouto, wheelchair, blindness without even putting forth effort

Hahaha. That’s definitely better than leaving flowers.

Comeon Suzaku, everybody knows the proper move in a situation like this is the GERMAN SUPLEX.

I think maybe ever since Eva it has just become a given that anyone of the appropriate age in a mecha show that has a classroom will end up in that class eventually.

So, yeah, Code Geass is Anime Great. I thank Only Yesterday for being so boring it put me back in the mood to watch it.

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