Saigar 1-C-2: Quick Review Before You Vote

January 9, 2007 at 1:56 am (Anime)

Okay, I only know two of these characters before-hand, so you get to experience the results of my Lightning Research Hissatsu.

Abstract: Vote for Papillon (or just not for Mizuho) and MANji the MANkillah.
EDIT: Apparently Akagi doesn’t just bet his own limbs for whores, he does it to help people! Which I guess makes him pretty manly, so a vote for Akagi is also acceptable.


Saitou Hajime (Rurouni Kenshin)

Saitou is a Shinsengumi, which is pretty sweet, but he really would have made better comic relief in Kenshin than he did a villain.
GUTS – Saitou has lots of Guts. Or at least he acts like he does. He’s always like “kill this” “kill that” “kill Kenshin,” but throughout the show he’s still only a minor character. He doesn’t even get to be the big villain at the end! pwnt. Also he only has one “move,” which makes him lame.
COURAGE – He’s not afraid to die, but that’s not really the same. Courage is…hmm. He couldn’t take a blow to his ego, that seems pretty obvious. No Courage.
LOVE – *snirk* maybe he has a little man-love for his dead Shinsengumi brethren, but it’s very…nurui.

Papillon (Buso Renkin)

Image filched from Azure Flame
I have never seen this show. Here is a bullet summary of this character (WkPd):

Koshaku Chono (蝶野攻爵, Chōno Kōshaku) is a genius student from Kazuki’s school and was meant to be heir to the Chono family fortune. However, he is also deathly ill and has had to repeat a year of school due to the amount of time he has needed to spend in the hospital. Upon discovering a 100 year old research diary from his great-great-grandfather he learned of alchemy and the process of making homunculi, experimenting with various animals first before turning himself into a human-type homunculus, renaming himself “Papillon”.

As Papillon, he is flamboyant and reckless. He appears in public wearing his mask and in revealing or outlandish outfits, apparently oblivious to or possibly enjoying the stares of bystanders. After his initial defeat at the hands of Kazuki, he teams up with the homunculus Dr. Butterfly, his still-living great-great-grandfather.

Oh, right, that homunculus show.

So, first off, while hilarious, running around in a butterfly mask in a thong should not take you all that far in this competition. It does establish that Papillon is Very Comfortable With His Heterosexuality, but not much else.
GUTS – Apparently he slaughters a bunch of people, but I’m guessing he’s actually a minor villain in this show, so apparently he can’t really carry through.
COURAGE – Hmm. I don’t see it.
LOVE – Didn’t sound like it from what I read, but he gets some HADO-CORE points for being HADO-GAY.
Verdict: Well, he sounds a lot like Saitou if you stuck him in a butterfly mask and thong, so he’s ahead so far.

Miyanokouji Mizuho (Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru)

I only watched about three episodes of OtoBoku before I got bored, so I had to look up some more stuff on Mizuho, to see if (s)he got more GAR later or something. Mizuho is much more woman than man from what I saw of this show. Like it didn’t seem like they went to much effort to play the cross-factor except for weird romantic tension; to give an excuse for yuriless yuri. Now, Nanoha I can see the GAR a little even if she is a chick. She’s got Courage and Guts. But Mizuho…I don’t really see it, but I guess I’ll fill this out.
GUTS – This is a fucking harem show. Nobody has GUTS.
COURAGE – Hmm. Well, Mizuho, from the bits I saw, seemed to be able to stand up for herself, but this is only Courage on the scale of flowery harem shows, so meh.
LOVE – Well, there’s some Hardcore in that Mizuho is a harem lead. But…whatever.
VERDICT: IT’S A TRAP (no, really, SaiGAR is loaded with jokes to distract you from actual GAR)

WINAR: Papillon, marginally, though really I think we all lose.


Akagi Shigeru (Akagi )
I can’t find a lot about this guy, but apparently this is a mahjong anime, and he bets his limbs and shit. That’s pretty full of Courage, I guess. He sounds like a big gambler / daredevil archtype, but unfortunately I cannot find quotes like “The probability of victory of is only 1%! With COURAGE, 1% CAN BECOME ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!” which suggests he probably doesn’t say anything like that. It does sound like he tends to blow cash on chicks and booze though, which is cool.
VERDICT: Uh, TBD, I guess. Maybe if everyone else sucks. Oh, he does have a GARable name though I guess: ShiGARu.

MANji (Blade of the Immortal)

Blade of the Immortal is a manga (that I’ve never read) about killing people with swords, I think. Manji is apparently “the Immortal,” so I guess he doesn’t actually need Courage, since he has nothing at stake? Yes, apparently. However, he seems to be well aware of this, and prefers that his swordsmanship remain sharp than that he have immortality, so that is pretty hot. Also, in addition to being nicknamed “The 100 Man Killah” his name has MAN in it, which is possibly even better than being GARable, like GARcher.
COURAGE – I think he pwns it up here on account of wanting to become de-immortal so he can be better at swords and shit.
GUTS – His expression gives me the impression he has them.
LOVE – I have no useful information on this, unfortunately
VERDICT – tentative victory (gotta look at the last dude)

Kuhonbutsu Taishi (Comic Party)

Comic Party is one of those things that I keep meaning to watch, but haven’t yet. As I understand, Taishi is an otaku who starts a doujinshi title even though he doesn’t know how to write or draw. He appears to be another “over-the-top” type character like Madarame, except I hear that Comic Party is kinda shitty compared to Genshiken. I’m gonna assume that as an Otaku, he has an understanding of COURAGE, GUTS, and LOVE, but has difficulty with most of them. Presumably as an over-the-top type he has some Courage to press forward despite the eye-rolling of everyone around him, but I don’t think that will let him defeat MANji the MANkillah.
VERDICT – I need to watch more goddam anime.




  1. TheGAR said,

    You’ve got it wrong. There is no need for guts, courage, love etc etc in gar. This is the meaning of GAR:


    A term used towards male characters and individuals who are so overwhelmingly manly that your own masculinity is absolutely *buried*, leaving you naught but a whimpering, swooning girl-child before them.

    And your description for Akagi is soooo far off. Well, if you watch it you’ll understand.

  2. lolikitsune said,

    TheGAR- Guts, courage, and love are nice little simplifications for HITTING HARD, TAKING HARD HITS, and… LOVE…, three qualities essential to manliness.

    Anyway, I want to vote for Mizuho, even though he’s not GAR at all. According to Urban Dictionary, traps can’t be GAR. Lawl.

  3. balilu said,

    It seems you didn’t watch Agaki my dear friend. In both brackets he is the manliest of them all, at least I think. Here’s a rundown (may contain spoilers):

    Courage: He’s a gambler so he has lots of it (see Guts below)

    Guts: He’s overflowing with guts, the series starts with him doing the chiken race and winning (not breaking and falling down the cliff), he uses unproven methods of play (losing and winning), and he bets his blood for money later in the series.

    Love: It’s not a show about love but at half the show he saves another’s persons wage by playing for him (the other guys loses it because he’s forced to gamble it) and destroying his opponents, and he destroys a villian in the end which killed youngsters for fun.

    Verdict: VOTE AGAKI FOR PRESIDENT! (And watch the show!)

    Btw, good idea of you to do this since some people haven’t watched all shows and this helps deciding. Too bad we are already seeing the flaws of the anime community in such things which just vote for the favourite show or character.

  4. balilu said,

    Oopps for get to mention, to clarify things that is, that the gambling was only focused on mahjong.

    I also found this:

    (yeah I sound like a fanboy!)

  5. Jellyfish Marine said,

    Eh, Saitou wasn’t a villain, was he? I think I’ll be voting for him, but…Mizuho vs Jun would be awesome also. Tempting OwO

    My, the right side is pretty interesting. Manji gets GAR points from me but Akagi kickass too >w

  6. Skh said,

    Akagi is TEH GAR. Vote for him.

  7. sethjohnson said,

    @TheGAR, I’m aware of that “definition,” and this all springs from that.

    @Everyone else, I thought I mentioned in the post that I hadn’t seen Akagi. Fair enough! I will officially find votes for Akagi UNOFFENSIVE TO MINE EYES.

  8. sethjohnson said,


    Saitou wasn’t always a villain in Kenshin, but he sometimes was.

  9. anon said,

    Boy, you were a bit off on your picks for these brackets, weren’t you? ;)

  10. sethjohnson said,


    …no? They’re not *predictions* you realize, but suggestions.

  11. mochi said,

    I just came across this post while looking for something else which is why this comment is so late.

    Just wanted to say that while Mizuho may not be gar, he wasn’t as bad a candidate as, say, Jun. Since this was not an action show, there were only a few instances,
    but early on he dunked a basketball and he jumped off a stage while carrying an
    unconcious girl and continued to run to the infirmary. Both of those scenes show
    physical strength. Additionally, in a later episode, he saved a classmate from two
    attackers by kicking one and throwing the other (who had attacked him with a
    knife). So this showed he had GUTS…not on the level of the other candidates
    perhaps, but GUTS none the less.

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    Anyway, man, SaiGar. What a fucking fun tournament that was. I hope there’s a sequel, we need less moeshit in 4chan these days. D:

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