SaiGar 1-D-2: Taking a break today

January 12, 2007 at 10:44 am (Anime)

Sorry, but I am too hung-over busy to cover today’s SaiGar, especially since I’d have to research every single character on there, not being terribly familiar with any of them. However, I will provide a handy link to fellow anime blogger TJ Han’s older (several months before the conception of SaiGar) post on MANLY ANIME MEN which includes some backing for Masaru from Sexy Commando. You will have to scroll down a bit to get to it.

I’ll be back, hopefully, for the next match, where questions such as “Will Jun attempt to pentrate Kaworu’s sweet hole AT Field?”, “Will Jun try to play Altar Boy to Father Wolfwood?”, and “Will somebody tell me how Maito Gai lost when there are a hundred other nominees from Naruto in these matches?” “Where are the Narutard voters hiding?!” “Are they hiding in Jun’s AT Field sweet hole?!” may or may not be addressed.


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  1. balilu said,

    “Where are the Narutard voters hiding?!”

    You shouldn’t ask this or you would doom the contest. Although much more voters are needed to make this contest better. But if more = fanboys, let’s keep it this way.

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