Speaking of GAR

February 27, 2007 at 2:55 am (Fan Culture)

Actually I wasn’t, but nobody in SaiGAR can hold a candle to Brawny Man.

Also, vote for GTO or I eat your family. That is all.

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Anno says new Eva movies were made “to fight the continuing trend of stagnation in anime”

February 20, 2007 at 6:44 pm (Anime)

This was the funniest thing I read all day.

Here’s the best quote:

Many times we wondered, “It’s a title that’s more than 10 years old. Why now?”
“Eva is too old”, we felt.
However, over the past 12 years, there has been no anime newer than Eva.

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I will totally play this game

February 17, 2007 at 10:46 pm (games)


It’s no Metal Wolf Chaos, I grant you.

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New semester for uni anime club

February 4, 2007 at 4:55 am (Anime)

The university anime club I attend votes on 2-4ish series (from a selection provided by the officers, nowadays usually with one pre-selected by them) for viewing each semester. This semester it’s: Higurashi, Ray, Bartender, and Gankutsuo.

Ray I watched about half of when it first aired. It’s alright, I just got bored with it. The first episode was highly amusing so I’m not so surprised it was selected.

Higurashi is fucking terrible, in my opinion. I watched a little of the first episode when it was airing, and could tell from just that much that it was a piss-poor production. Watching a few more episodes, I note that, at its core, there is a good concept, it’s just very poorly executed. It’s like a lesson in how not to control dramatic tension. Also the animation is shit, but that’s just icing on the urinal cake. Fortunately, it’s not boring, so I can watch it and make fun of it anyway.

Bartender was somehow immensely popular with the club. I don’t know most of the members any more (lots of Freshmen), but this still throws me. I get that some people like this show, for whatever reason; I don’t get it when a lot of people do. I nearly fell asleep watching the first episode when it aired. This won’t start at the club until Ray ends, but I might bring a book or something (I lack the standard DS for situations like this) and go read in the lobby during Bartender. I’ll give it another night (2-3 episodes) to entertain me first I guess. At least it’s short.

Now, Gankutsuo was an officer choice; it’s been on the ballot for several years running and keeps narrowly not getting selected. I am pretty pumped about Gankutsuo. I’ve seen the first four episodes or so, and it totally makes my brain melt from sensory overload. Apparently, while these full-series viewings are a somewhat classic activity for anime clubs, it’s no longer how most of them operate. It has some advantages though, not the least of which is the occasional opportunity to watch anime like Gankutsuo on a large projector and fairly nice sound system (we’re also back in a vaguely decent viewing room this semester, for once, which helps). Gankutsuo totally feels trapped by small space when I try to watch it on my monitor. It WANTS a huge screen. And watching it is like drowning in an art museum. I love it.

In addition to the crazy-ass visuals — hold on while I anecdote actually. I actually think this is reading way too much into it, but I once suggested the following theory for the visuals in Gankutsuo: the visual effect they use gives the impression of frames moving across a fixed pattern (sorta; it’s not exactly fixed). This effect is used for the most part on the characters’ clothes and hair. My semi-bullshit theory was that the clothes and hair were the symbols of the aristocracy, and the aristocracy was the backdrop across which the “true” natures of Albert and the Count were moving. In reality, I think the director just figured the crazy art-style would give a nice feeling of decadence, which I think it does.

But in addition to the crazy-ass visuals…I mean come-on it’s The Count of Monte Cristo, but with vampires and elves IN SPACE! What’s not to like?

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