I need an “H-Ring”…I wonder if it will let me into the dueling arena

March 3, 2007 at 1:20 am (Anime)

So I finished watching Ray: The Animation tonight. And it was bad, but that wasn’t new. What was new was the intensity of its absurdity. I thought they’d topped out at claiming getting splinters could cause trees to possess you, but apparently not.

The ‘villain’ in Ray is the mysterious “H-Ring Otoko” so-named for the ring he wears with an ‘H’ printed on it. Yeah that’s kinda pimp. He is kinda pimp in general until what I’m about to describe. I mean, he even has a cane. I particularly liked how when they broke into his office building and got on the elevator, they didn’t have to figure out what floor he was on, because there was an “H” button.

Anyway, so it turns out (lol spoilers, but don’t waste time watching Ray anyway) that the H stands for his dead mother’s name. He’s been working on medimagical cloning for most of his life, because his mother died when he was ten and he wants to bring her back to life. He has many genetically successful attempts, but just can’t quite seem to somehow get a clone with all of his dead mother’s memories. Fancy that. So he regards all of his failures as junk and won’t let them participate in the Alice game sells their organs for money.

But eventually! He seems to succeed. Inside of a mineshaft (o_O) he has reconstructed the small neighborhood he grew up in and there he (this dude is like sixty and kinda gross) runs around in little boy clothes catching butterflies and playing son to his ‘mama’ who is an eleven-year-old clone of his mother. Thus he reveals his true motivation: the need to simultaneously satiate both his Oedipus Complex and his Lolita Complex. Amazing what medical science can do when the writers totally ignore it.

So I’m just kind of drop-jaw’d at the ridiculousness of this sixty-year-old dude acting like a wee lad for his loli ‘mama’ clone. But then the clone he made of himself (he didn’t want his lolimama to feel sad when he died so he made a spare son for her too; how thoughtful!) who has been listening to too much Linkin Park gets mad and starts shooting people. Which, really, was fine by me. He methodically solves all of his problems with a gun. This clone’s master plan is to wait for Ray to get knocked out by rubble and then whisk her back to the place where he has recreated his favorite childhood memory: the ‘orphanage’ where Ray and he and their friends sat around waiting for their organs to be sold off to rich people. He even abducts the girl who has Ray’s old eyes so that he can remove Ray’s Sharingan and reinstall the old ones in order to “return to her her truest sense.” Then Ray tells him he is more sad than the H-Ring man, and he realizes that he is a problem and methodically solves himself. Woooo series over.


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