Lucky Star 08 – Sudden Juice Shortage

May 30, 2007 at 12:40 pm (Anime)

This episode…

Good: Nothing
Bad: Everything

Humor dropped back down to the level of episode 2 or 3. Perhaps the show has been wrung dry of the small droplets of comedy it still contained?


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“What the $#@& is up with Idolm@ster Xenoglossia?” or “How to have sex with your giant robot”

May 29, 2007 at 11:40 pm (Analysis, Anime)

I just finished watching, what was it…Episode 8 of Xenoglossia. Honestly I am kind of bored with the story. I figured it would be more, I dunno, action-packed. I want to like it though, so I have to find something to fixate on. Since I’m an aberration of an anime fan, instead of lolis I fixate on story constructions that seem interesting or novel to me. And by fixate I mean blow all out of proportion in terms of significance and intent.

I was very tempted to photoshop seaking into this…

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Trailer for Haruhi Season 2

May 28, 2007 at 2:11 pm (Anime)

It’s part way through the video.

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Blessed Union

May 25, 2007 at 1:16 pm (Anime)

After watching the second episode, despite being slightly confusing (possibly translation issues) in places, my opinion of Dennou Coil has elevated. Imagine, if you will, that Hayao Miyazaki and Masamune Shirow had hot juicy old-man sex. The product of that copulation would be something a lot like Dennou Coil. The characters and tone are very reminiscent of Miyazaki, however instead of a Ghibli-style adventure story, we have a science fiction mystery. It’s not cyberpunk. It’s like if you took cyberpunk, and made it shoujo, without losing any of the complexity of the story. Basically, it rocks. Omega best anime of the

This prompted me to look up who was actually making it. It’s a Madhouse production, directed and originally created by Mitsuo Iso. This is the first series (I think), that Iso has directed. However, he has a history of quite bad-ass key animation, including work on such titles as FLCL, Eva, RahXephon, Perfect Blue, GitS, 0080, Porco Rosso.

I am incredibly pumped about Dennou Coil, and future-pumped at the hope of Iso making more anime after this, because the quality level here is seriously a tier above most everything else I have seen this season.

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Nanoha StrikerS Droning On

May 23, 2007 at 9:09 pm (Anime)

Just finished episode 07. Bored with this anime, but not dropping because this episode indicates potential impending not-bored.

Tea doing her best ‘gangsta’

Here is what it comes down to for me:
Fighting Drones: LAME
Fighting Other Device Users: AWESOME

I got really excited when enemy loli whipped it out (her device I mean), but then had to sigh because she just summoned a bunch of insects most of which went toward making the drones very marginally more powerful. BORING.

I am giving a little slack because it seems like a lot of what is supposed to be cool right now is figuring out how this story is connected to the first season, which, well, I didn’t watch. I might pause watching the rest of StrikerS until I have time to batch the first season.

On the plus side, this episode initiates one of my favorite stock character development templates with Tea. It goes like this:
2. I will prove myself by heavily overcompensating resulting in the endangerment of someone I care about.
3. Go crazy for a while.
4. Eventually, FRIENDSHIP solves everything.

As a sidenote, I get incredibly confused when they show Rein with a close-up perspective and nothing to compare to. I was like: Who the hell is that silver-haired loli chick!

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Lucky Star 07 – Is it over yet?

May 22, 2007 at 9:30 pm (Anime)

Good: A couple of things this time. Marimite parody was funny, even if, like me, you’ve never seen Marimite (well, technically I haven’t seen Initial D either). With this episode it seems like the characters have been established to the point that they can be exploited for comedy. I’m sure most people who like the show felt that way almost immediately, but I am smart and therefor always right. The cellphone scene was worth a laugh. Most notably, in this episode the animation and general production quality finally feels up to the standard I expect from Kyoto Animation.

Bad: Masochism and OCD, which I have concluded are the only reasons I still tune in. Also, for some reason I still laugh when they do the same fucking gag with Lucky Channel at the end of each episode. I mean, it’s bad. It’s THE SAME JOKE. But it apparently triggers some retarded humor center in my brain and draws a smirk. I’m considering lobotomy options. Big missed opportunity for self-mocking when the dreaded choco-cornet reappeared this ep.

Ugly: Now that there is occasional humor and decent production quality I start to see more keenly what is wrong with this show. Transitions. It doesn’t have any. Well, it has some, but they need work. The scene-to-scene pacing is so haphazard that the show feels more like a brainstorm than a story. That format can be okay when you’re going for, like, zany or frenetic (PPD, FLCL), but it doesn’t work very well here.

EDIT: OMG I left out obvious low-hanging joke for this episode…

“What did you think of Lucky Star?”
(in unison) “It sucked!” “It was hilarious!”

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Dennou Coil

May 17, 2007 at 6:22 am (Anime)

This was the last of the “Spring” anime I’d been anticipating. It’s way sweeter than I expected. The animation is super-fly, yo. And it’s full of science fictions.

Fo’ real, this show is really good. The chara design and animation (except for the science fictiony effects) remind me of Ghibli, though the art is a lot different.

Btw, I haven’t slept in a while.

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Lucky Star 06 – Cirrhosis of the Liver

May 16, 2007 at 1:28 pm (Anime)

A new grocery store opened on my block today, and it helped me come up with a way to appreciate Lucky Star almost as much as its fans do:

This episode…
Good: Initial D send-ups are usually good for a laugh.
Bad: My beer is only about 9.1% ABV
Ugly: Well, I guess jokes stolen from Azumanga Daioh are better than most of the jokes in the show, so why not.

Oh wow I actually have a discussion topic for this episode.

So the girls in Lucky Star are teenagers, but they are drawn in a very loli style. Episode 06 is the requisite beach and/or hot-springs episode required by all anime with female characters. At one point during the extended bath scene, two of the girls start talking about their menstrual cycles. So, my question is: is this subverting the normal moe-ness of a bath scene, or is it an additional moe factor?

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Lucky Star 05: Depleted Uranium

May 8, 2007 at 9:55 pm (Anime)

Minus: Pretty much the same as everything already wrong with it. Comic timing possibly worse than before.
Plus: Animation seemed a little better. Also I laughed at Aya Hirano trying to sing poorly in the closing karaoke.
WTF: This episode seemed more random than the previous ones. Not in a funny way, like in a…balsamic vinegar?
Fansub: This time a.f.k. gets megapoints for use of “roflcopterskates”.

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