Lucky Star 06 – Cirrhosis of the Liver

May 16, 2007 at 1:28 pm (Anime)

A new grocery store opened on my block today, and it helped me come up with a way to appreciate Lucky Star almost as much as its fans do:

This episode…
Good: Initial D send-ups are usually good for a laugh.
Bad: My beer is only about 9.1% ABV
Ugly: Well, I guess jokes stolen from Azumanga Daioh are better than most of the jokes in the show, so why not.

Oh wow I actually have a discussion topic for this episode.

So the girls in Lucky Star are teenagers, but they are drawn in a very loli style. Episode 06 is the requisite beach and/or hot-springs episode required by all anime with female characters. At one point during the extended bath scene, two of the girls start talking about their menstrual cycles. So, my question is: is this subverting the normal moe-ness of a bath scene, or is it an additional moe factor?



  1. Hinano said,

    eww O_O

  2. Hinano said,

    (I’m ewing at the menstrual period thing)

  3. sethjohnson said,

    It was weird. If this weren’t *Japan* I would lol at how subversive it is. But I figure it it just another fetish.

  4. TheBigN said,

    “eww O_O”

    Maybe frankness could be seen as an additional moe factor/fetish, but in this instance, it was “too” frank, so I think Lucky Star is having fun poking fun at things that moe girls “aren’t supposed to do”. I was actually more concerned when Tsukasa and Kagami were talking about the picture of their father later in the episode. I mean, sure people talk about this in real life, but in anime? God forbid! :P

  5. sethjohnson said,

    Oh yeah, there was that too; I’d forgotten. Thanks for reminder.

  6. The Crowned One said,

    That is a wonderful bottle of beer you have there.

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