Dennou Coil

May 17, 2007 at 6:22 am (Anime)

This was the last of the “Spring” anime I’d been anticipating. It’s way sweeter than I expected. The animation is super-fly, yo. And it’s full of science fictions.

Fo’ real, this show is really good. The chara design and animation (except for the science fictiony effects) remind me of Ghibli, though the art is a lot different.

Btw, I haven’t slept in a while.



  1. Necromancer said,

    I just finished ep 1, really enjoyed it alot and can’t wait for more

  2. southofreality said,

    On your ‘About’ page, I saw that you’ve got learning Japanese on the top of your ‘to do’ list. Well, if you like the language, that’s cool. It’d be a shame for you to piss away your CS degree by moving to Japan soon after you graduate, though. I gave up a career in physics to come to Japan, but I like living here so…
    Anyway, good luck finishing up the degree and studying Japanese. It’s a beautiful language and I’m glad I’ve achieved fluency in it, but, to be honest, talking with Japanese people isn’t anymore interesting than talking with people back in the States. It’s sometimes quite disappointing.


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