Lucky Star 07 – Is it over yet?

May 22, 2007 at 9:30 pm (Anime)

Good: A couple of things this time. Marimite parody was funny, even if, like me, you’ve never seen Marimite (well, technically I haven’t seen Initial D either). With this episode it seems like the characters have been established to the point that they can be exploited for comedy. I’m sure most people who like the show felt that way almost immediately, but I am smart and therefor always right. The cellphone scene was worth a laugh. Most notably, in this episode the animation and general production quality finally feels up to the standard I expect from Kyoto Animation.

Bad: Masochism and OCD, which I have concluded are the only reasons I still tune in. Also, for some reason I still laugh when they do the same fucking gag with Lucky Channel at the end of each episode. I mean, it’s bad. It’s THE SAME JOKE. But it apparently triggers some retarded humor center in my brain and draws a smirk. I’m considering lobotomy options. Big missed opportunity for self-mocking when the dreaded choco-cornet reappeared this ep.

Ugly: Now that there is occasional humor and decent production quality I start to see more keenly what is wrong with this show. Transitions. It doesn’t have any. Well, it has some, but they need work. The scene-to-scene pacing is so haphazard that the show feels more like a brainstorm than a story. That format can be okay when you’re going for, like, zany or frenetic (PPD, FLCL), but it doesn’t work very well here.

EDIT: OMG I left out obvious low-hanging joke for this episode…

“What did you think of Lucky Star?”
(in unison) “It sucked!” “It was hilarious!”



  1. Owen said,

    >>the animation and general production quality

    Is this a placebo effect or something? It looks exactly the same to me. Not so much placebo as “director effect”, actually.

    >>Masochism and OCD

    Everyone has one this season, mine’s sola. No need to be shy about it.

    >>Transitions. It doesn’t have any.

    Not even that compared-to-death pseudo-counterpart of Lucky Star had much transition unless you’re referring to how it suddenly jumps to the next day without warning. Post-modernist anime ftw.

  2. sethjohnson said,

    If you’re talking about Azumanga Daioh, I disagree; it had excellent scene-to-scene pacing and transitions, that’s part of why it worked as a 4koma -> anime adaptation; sense of timing in general, actually.

  3. Owen said,

    But is it really transition or continuity that you’re talking about? If it’s transition, only a stream-of-consciousness approach to the narrative could be purely without transition. Continuity on the other hand suggests a logical progression between scenes, e.g. from class – pool – home – bedtime, which is natural and therefore not confusing to the viewer.

    I mentioned Lucky Star being post-modernist because there isn’t a real structure to the order in which the scenes are displayed, just one after another with hardly any, or no cues whatsoever as to time-space shifts, which also means it lacks a proper narrative (and probably why people have issues with it). And a lack of continuity, in other words.

    Yeah, I was referring to Azumanga Daioh, but nevermind that, I think I lost my train of thought there when I said transition because I was thinking of something else.

  4. sethjohnson said,

    By transition I mean the space surrounding and the movement between scenes. When I say it “has no transitions,” what I really mean is that they do not seem to be paying attention / putting effort into them. The continuity issue is entangled with this as well.

  5. Nunka said,

    …I has a shuvel.

  6. Lupus said,

    I’m sure most people who like the show felt that way almost immediately, but I am smart and therefor (sic) always right.

    Do I smell sweet irony?

    Join the war against Lucky Star! RAWWWWWR.

  7. sethjohnson said,

    Irony? I know not the meaning of the word.

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