Nanoha StrikerS Droning On

May 23, 2007 at 9:09 pm (Anime)

Just finished episode 07. Bored with this anime, but not dropping because this episode indicates potential impending not-bored.

Tea doing her best ‘gangsta’

Here is what it comes down to for me:
Fighting Drones: LAME
Fighting Other Device Users: AWESOME

I got really excited when enemy loli whipped it out (her device I mean), but then had to sigh because she just summoned a bunch of insects most of which went toward making the drones very marginally more powerful. BORING.

I am giving a little slack because it seems like a lot of what is supposed to be cool right now is figuring out how this story is connected to the first season, which, well, I didn’t watch. I might pause watching the rest of StrikerS until I have time to batch the first season.

On the plus side, this episode initiates one of my favorite stock character development templates with Tea. It goes like this:
2. I will prove myself by heavily overcompensating resulting in the endangerment of someone I care about.
3. Go crazy for a while.
4. Eventually, FRIENDSHIP solves everything.

As a sidenote, I get incredibly confused when they show Rein with a close-up perspective and nothing to compare to. I was like: Who the hell is that silver-haired loli chick!



  1. scottfrye said,

    First season? There is two seasons of Nanoha before this series.

  2. sethjohnson said,

    I am aware. I watched A’s. From what I understand, however, this season’s story is connected heavily to the *first* season.

  3. random passerby said,

    Just wait for 08 to get subbed. You might not be bored at the end of that. =D

  4. SierraM said,

    I almost gave up after watching a few episodes of the first season. I’m not going to make that mistake again. This show will get better once Nanoha / Fate / Hayate meet up with the real enemies. These drones should be wasted by the noobs.

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