Trailer for Haruhi Season 2

May 28, 2007 at 2:11 pm (Anime)

It’s part way through the video.



  1. knowngni said,

    good thing u can pause youtube and let it finish loading, then scroll through the video.
    First 5 seconds, i was like ” omg, I WILL KILL U… oh wait *presses pause*”

  2. sethjohnson said,

    You don’t like Rick Astley?

  3. Dop said,


    If ever a man had a silent ‘p’ in his name it was Rick Astley.

  4. DiGiKerot said,

    LoL, I knew EXACTLY what this was going to be ^^;

  5. sethjohnson said,

    I love how the comments thread on that video has “FUCK YOU SEAKING”

  6. jpmeyer said,


    (although that said, I ALWAYS laugh at “FUCK YEAH SEAKING!”)

  7. sethjohnson said,

    I know being rickrolled is scary and confusing at first, but after about the hundredth time you will come to appreciate it, and possibly want to have sex with Astley.

  8. homeless_homo said,

    Haha awesome rickroll!

    Too bad I could see his face in the video preview Lol

  9. matchstick man said,

    LOL bitches got rickrolled!!! i knew it though

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