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June 10, 2007 at 2:41 pm (Anime)

This is sort of a rambling post. The title comes from something I read (probably on Wikipedia) about Nanoha being nicknamed with that pun, which is like Demon Cannon Girl or something, due to her IMMENSE BEAM ATTACKS.


Though Nanoha StrikerS has at least started to have some stuff happen, it is still not really what I was hoping for. I am sticking on it because it seems like it will probably pick up in the second half. I thought maybe I was crazy about Nanoha in general though, so I went back and watched the first two or three episodes of As, and I’m not crazy. The animation was waaaay better, and it was about as action-packed as I recalled. This got me pining for a full rewatch. Except I decided if I’m going to do that I might as well watch the first season, since I haven’t even seen that before.

Though it is not nearly as exciting as A’s, I like the first season of Nanoha alright (I have four episodes left to watch). It’s a lot more like a “classic” magical girl anime (for values of classic equal to CCS, Precure, etc.) except it’s a bit darker and has more fan service. It is a good appetizer for As, I think. I also really like the animation. It doesn’t do anything too fancy, but it’s fluid and does really really excellent framing and perspectives. It also makes StrikerS look even worse to me, because now I know As wasn’t some weird exception in terms of production value.

One of the anime I AM following with eager anticipation each week is Lovely Complex, which is really great if you like romance anime. The comedy is fairly light, but the characters are, IMO, infectuously likeable. The problem then becomes that I have to wait a whole week between episodes, and the plot progresses quite slowly, because, well, it’s an anime high school romance; they all have that problem. So. I’ve been looking for other stuff to consume.

First I sat in Borders and read a bunch of Kare Kano manga. I have seen the anime…twice I think. I remember liking it, but I think I prefer the manga. Going back and watching the anime, the animation was obviously on a really cheap budget, and the heavy use of still-frames bugs me. I can’t fault GAINAX too much for it, because Anno did pretty well with a small budget. I was annoyed when I found out the R2 DVDs had some parts that weren’t in the U.S. ones (also not in the original broadcast, so probably not the U.S. licensors’ fault), particularly because the only subs I could find for the R2s were…ungood. I’m not sure what all is different, but I know the climactic (LOL SPOILERS) scene in episode 18 is different. I really really like the R2 version. The original one I had always found sort of confusing (until I read the manga at least); like it certainly seemed implied that there was boning, but it wasn’t 100% clear just what was happening. The R2 version on the other hand I thought was very excellent shot. It was not very explicit at all. The difference is slight in magnitude, but it’s like Bladerunner; I felt it made a big impact. Basically you see some clothes removed, and them laying naked on top of eachother, and Yukino sorta gasps/moans twice. But the way it merges with the BGM and then fades into the dreamy childhood scene is really sweet and poignant, and I thought it made a vastly superior climax (lol at double-meanings) to the other version. That was Anno’s last episode, but while everyone else on the internets seemed to hate the weird shit they did with the animation after that, I found it a lot less boring. I liked the paper-cutouts in ep19 a lot. I don’t know that they really added much to the story, but they were more fun to watch than the regular style, and didn’t really interfere.

Too hot for TV?

Now I’m trying to watch Ai Yori Aoshi, but I don’t think I’m going to get much further. It has some hardcore wish-fulfillment going on. Where this girl who has all the “traditional” Japanese housewife traits just shows up and starts Mac’n blushing. Within that context, it seems to be doing a pretty good job. I just have a serious beef with this context, because the whole subservient woman thing annoys me immensely. On the plus side though, Aoi is voiced by Ayako Kawasumi, who rocks.

Jam it in, kudosai

This complaint, though, sort of brings up one of the things I like about Lovely Complex: Risa. Risa has a much different image than these subserviant-maid-women. She’s not really tsundere in the traditional sense; though she does try to suppress her feelings, it is more with laughter and fun than with violence or aloofness. By contrast to traditional romance-girls, I end up liking her even more. She is vulnerable, but not *weak*, and she doesn’t define herself entirely through the dude she wants. Also the supporting cast is good, but we need more of that trap. Traps are hilarious.

Ramble end. Please send LOAD CARTRIDGE.



  1. kiryuu said,

    I think the reason StrikerS has looked so bad has been a lack of decent raws (and what i’ve seen usually looks like poor raw quality more than anything).. it’d be interesting to see someone who can actually see it on TV comment about the looks on broadcast tv.

  2. nckl said,

    I’m totally on the same page with you about StrikerS. Nanoha A’s was entertaining because the pacing was fast as hell and it was action-packed from episode 1. But with StrikerS, the pacing is a lot slower and there’s nowhere near as much action so far. I think this may be due to StrikerS being twice as long as A’s, so the producers need to slow down the pacing considerably and develop characters more in order to fill up 26 episodes worth of show.

    As for the animation of StrikerS, I’m not too hot about it either.

  3. sethjohnson said,

    Those are both potentially good points, though I have trouble believing there are no good raws for a franchise this large. Maybe it’s also a 26-episode show on a 13-episode budget?

  4. ojisan said,

    I’m so glad someone else liked the cut-out episode 19 of Kare Kano. It was fantastic! There’s a similar (though not quite as fun) Patlabor treatment called Mini-Pato which is worth looking if you like the look –
    I have longed to see the R2 ep 18 version. I might go look for it right now…

  5. sethjohnson said,

    Cool. I’ll keep an eye out for that.

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