Lucky Star 10 – Comedy

June 12, 2007 at 9:32 pm (Anime)

This episode didn’t suck.

Again, beer played a part, yet this was definitely the best least worst Lucky Star episode to date. I even took screen shots. Since, you know, there were things to take screen shots of.

There are four major items of note:

1. All scenes with Tsukasa + cellphone = funny.

This scene was about as long as the chococornet scene in episode one, but was actually funny. Though perhaps Tampopo simply does not leave enough room in my heart for any other food-related humor.

2. Epic 90-second anime store scene.

I don’t know what (if anything) this was directly parodying, but it was a reminder that LOL YES WE KNOW HOW TO ANIME. Even if you (reasonably) hate Lucky Star, you might want to check out this scene (starts at about 7:25) just because it’s a cool little segment of animation. Also, I could not get a satisfyingly representative screen-cap. =\ Also I get excited by people shouting phrases like “DENSETSU NO SHOUJO”.

3. Konata’s Father.

Konata’s father has trouble with the reality-eroge divide.

4. Tsundere Rant!

I am at this point sufficiently tired of Lucky Channel that I almost skipped past it, but it was saved by being about 90% the dude ranting about how “tsundere” has developed a meaning beyond its original, and how he considers this inappropriate. He wants to take it back (just like in Clerks 2!), and entreats the viewers to come up with a more appropriate term for characters like Kagami. Also, the raving weeaboos will be glad to note that this time a.f.k. left “tsundere” untranslated, rather than substituting “bipolar”.

I lold

Basically, this episode is sort of what I expected Lucky Star was going to be like before it began airing. Sort of.



  1. Hinano said,

    aha I have too much hatred for this show to even give this one a chance.
    Looking at your screencaps I still don’t think I’d even crack a smile.
    I think one part of an ep that actually made me smile is when Konata talked about MMORPGs and since my latest rage is Ragnarok Online that actually managed to do something for me

  2. sethjohnson said,

    I fully expect the next episode to be 20 minutes of staring at trains and going “hmmm”.

  3. Diego said,

    I loved that bit with the lavender-haired madman who screamed “Irasshaimase!”. Reminds me of those over-eager waiters at local Japanese restaurants who’d welcome customers with a badly mangled version of the word (often shouted right in your ear, of course).

  4. drmchsr0 said,

    lol Touhou reference

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