LOL Subs Please?

June 16, 2007 at 10:45 pm (Anime)

It’s an ad for Animate, I guess. Well, now I know where that Lucky Star scene came from.



  1. ik said,

    haha :P that was really awesomely animated

  2. Karry said,

    Grendizer theme rip-off ?

  3. Chaznable said,

    Its called a parody, not a rip-off.

  4. sethjohnson said,

    What does it have to do with Grendizer?

  5. puddlehead said,

    I’m probably out of my league here but saw the word “poetry” and dropped on by. The last Anime I watched was Ninja Scroll, so take that for what it’s worth. Was the hero-figure in the smock a short order cook or an employee at a manga store the commercial (?) was made for?

  6. sethjohnson said,

    The blog title is a joke that I think ended up being poorly executed.

    As for the commercial, I’m honestly not sure, but he was certainly…hot-blooded.

  7. puddlehead said,

    Ah, I sort of thought so. But I saw a cartoon video embedded and had to watch, so I’m glad I stumbled by.

    He sure was salty about everything, wasn’t he? It’s a good tip for my life too. Anything goes a little bit hinky, I change my clothes, spin around, and scream, punch, and otherwise kick ass.

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