Lucky Star 12 – Shameless Self Promotion

June 30, 2007 at 3:22 pm (Anime)

After episode 10, Lucky Star has returned to being pretty marginal. Also the level of self-promotion from Kyoto Animation is annoying the crap out of me. But the show is sort of marketed toward their fan-cult, so I guess it makes sense. The Animate dude from episode 10 reappeared here, but his novelty has sort of worn off. The only other thing I noticed was that, like, every single extra at the convention was voiced by Gendou Fumihiko Tachiki, which was kind of…weird. I’m running out of new and different things to complain about (thus the lack of an episode 11 entry), so I may not post any more of these.

Btw, I finally got to see Paprika. I might have a more coherent opinion about it if I hadn’t been too busy drooling over the visuals to form conscious thoughts.

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