How to Attract Bees (in 10 easy steps)

July 22, 2007 at 1:12 pm (Etc)

Inspired by this flurry of posts.

1. Go to the grocery store. If you are hikikomori, try an online grocery store.

2. Buy four large canisters of Kool-Aid, four large packs of sugar, a big spoon, and a pitcher.

3. Locate your kitchen sink.

4. Move the enormous mound of dirty dishes that you store in your kitchen sink elsewhere. The floor is an option, if you can’t think of anything else.

5. Get the water steaming, then stopper the sink and fill it with water.

6. Pour the Kool-Aid and sugar into the sink full of water, then stir for about five minutes.

7. Wait for the liquid to cool.

8. Remove all of your clothes

9. Use the pitcher to drench yourself in the Kool-Aid solution.

10. Walk outside and run around shouting “HEY BEES CHECK ME OUT!!!!!”

Enjoy your new bee-enriched life.


  1. Sasa said,

    Hahaha, I love you. And damn, that girl is hawt. For some reason, I have always had a weakness for bee cosplays.

  2. hidoshi said,


    Oh man, I love you. ^^;

  3. Melonpan said,

    I want you to be my honey-bee! Hauu~

  4. Lupus said,


  5. sethjohnson said,

    The bee-girl seems to be doing the Shaft pose, where you poke your butt way out.

  6. Metal Brake said,

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