Here is a Bunch of Anime I Want to Watch

July 26, 2007 at 10:11 pm (Anime)

Not including stuff from this year, here’s the shortlist of what I’m thinking about watching (or finishing) in my ever-dwindling spare time. Feel free to argue vehemently about priorities or question the genuineness of my fan-nature given that some of these are on the to-watch list rather than the watched-fifty-times-and-written-my-own-doujinshi-about list.

KaleidoStar, Eureka 7, Figure 17, 5 cm/s, Koi Kaze, Memories, Five Star Stories, Angel’s Egg, Pale Cocoon, Princess Tutu, Fantastic Children, Gatekeepers, CCS, GITS – SAC (I got like a third of the way through the first season; had trouble getting into it for some reason), Kino no Tabi, Full Moon wo Sagashite (because I hate myself?), Ping-Pong Club, Ebichu, the original Cutie Honey, Urotsukidoji, Boku no Sekuhara.

In a tabletop RPG I’m playing in right now, my PC had a dream involving every former U.S. President in history (yes I know Ben Franklin was not a president) simultaneously reciting famous speeches. Later I learned that this was actually part of a government conspiracy to spy on me. Like Men In Black style.


  1. ojisan said,

    That’s a really really good list – genre-defying. Stick with Princess Tutu – it’s a late bloomer.

    I had no idea that Benjamin Franklin was an ancestor of Mr.Weatherbee –

  2. sethjohnson said,

    re: Princess Tutu, thanks I’ll keep that in mind

  3. kauldron26 said,

    i reeeeeaally wanted to watch kaleido star and then i did. and i was disappointed. and even angrier because i was anticipating it like hell. it looks pretty and its always happy. but NOTHING EVER HAPPENS. THERE IS NO PLOT. NO CHARACTERS GROW. nothing happens. and the main character is one of those over idealistic characters that believe everything will work out. and guess what, everything works out. my favorite anime is planet es. the main character was that way, but she learnt the truth in a very hard way… but not in kaliedo star.

  4. reslez said,

    I’m about halfway through Princess Tutu. It’s pretty good, though I don’t really have any urgent motivation to finish it. Eureka 7 – I know people swear up and down this series is great, but I watched 3 episodes with no desire to see more. It seems like a high quality series, but basically boils down to “mecha on surfboards” and the shounen hero didn’t strike me as all that interesting. I also intend to watch Gatekeepers someday. … I like your blog links.

  5. sethjohnson said,

    Hmm, sounds like I will give Kaleidostar a few episodes, but will drop it if I get annoyed with it.

    People seem pretty polarized on Eureka 7. I think I’m probably going to wait on it until I get a better computer if there’s an HD release of it (?). I’m sort of expecting it will be one of those shows like RahXephon that is well put together but that I can’t muster much enthusiasm over; even so I’d like to give it a shot.

  6. Tallon said,

    Kaleido Star is really good, its a slice of life and the characters DO develop. Actually thats the entire point of the show seeing as its a slice-of-life, character development is the biggest factor in teh show, the fact that tehy even made a second season that mainly circles around a character that isnt even introduced into Kaleido star until about halfway through season 1. If no character development happened how would someone grow from being a douche lame unneeded character to the semi-star of the show? Sora also grows and matures just like any person, not in leaps and bounds like magical shit you see in lots of anime, but realistically in a slow pace.

    Its not action, so dont expect it to be. The shows they put on are pretty exciting to watch later on (as they are raelly dangerous and crazy and all that) but really, the point of the show is the character development and relationship. So go into it expecting such. Its also not exactly an “adult” show, by that i just mean its pretty overly dramatic sometimes and usually ends up getting taken care of in happy-go-lucky ways. But its supposed to be a fun show to watch, and it definately helps when the show is all happy and overly dramatic, lol. Basically, when you watch it, take it lightly. If you take it seriously youll get bored of it fast.

    Eureka 7 is really good, but unlike RahXephon its more fast-paced rather then ‘eva-ish’ like rahxephon is. Eureka 7 gets the deeper stuff going later on (like almost all mecha series’ these days) but even then theres more going on then just sitting at a table an entire episode talking. This also has a big emphasis on showing the character growth and relationship changes. As for it being ‘mecha on surfboards’ i dont really agree, seeing as how, just like most mecha shows that arnt Gundam, the show isnt about the mecha. You are supposed to watch for the story and characters, and this is another show where the main emphasis is on those things, the mecha are just there to speed things up and make things happen, so that the real point of the show can continue forward.

    Havnt watched all of Tutu but i liked what i saw and ive seen a lot of good things said about it.

    Full Moon the anime is…ok, but its basically 90% fillers, and 10% rewritten story semi-based on the manga. Basically its shitty if youve read the manga, but watchable if you havnt. But all in all its pretty much just fillers anyway, and boring ones at that. Plus they did a poor job with the characters in this one, none of them seem like anything more then things to keep the story going rather then ‘real’ people involved in whats going on.

    Kino no Tabi i think you should definately watch, but its a pretty depressing show. Even the art alone is depressing. Its the type of show you should watch when your depressed, want to be, or are stuck at home in bed cuz your sick. Its really good, and extremely interesting, and definately a show that will make you think. Both about whats going on in the anime, and reality in general, seeing as how it hits up many points about todays society and other deeper things like being.

    Yeah, i typed a lot, sorry, lmao.

  7. Tallon said,

    sorry for commenting twice in a row but i just noticed, if by 5cm/s you mean (its pretty obvious but you can never be sure right?) the makoto shinkai movie, then definately watch it. Im not sure if its up for download anywhere, but i saw it at the special screening during AX and, just like all shinkai’s stuff, it was amazing. Plus, its only a movie, so its not like episodes and episodes, so i think watching it once you can get your hands on it would be fine, rather then prioritizing it.

  8. Xerox said,

    Just telling you, you have to watch Cardcaptor Sakura. I do not care, but make it your life goal to watch that show.

  9. tj han said,

    KaleidoStar, Eureka 7, 5 cm/s, Five Star Stories, Pale Cocoon, Fantastic Children, Gatekeepers, CCS, GITS – SAC (I got like a third of the way through the first season; had trouble getting into it for some reason), Kino no Tabi

    Ok you listen to me farmerboy! I deleted those you shouldn’t watch.

    And added some. Gintama, Gintama and Gintama.

  10. sethjohnson said,


  11. Kogal said,

    please don’t watch Koi Kaze. it’s too disturbing. and boring as hell.

  12. kauldron26 said,

    aaaah… Eureka Seven.. funniest thing, i only heard about eureka 7 when it popped on anidb`s top 10. and it was #1 for a whole week. i had heard about the show but so many issues prevented me from watching it. first of all it was mecha, and second it was 50 eps. this was during the end of my of my junior year, so I went and read the msg boards on anime suki, and read the reviews on anidb and animenfo. All the reviews were quite astonishing and praise worthy. The fact that it had been ranked so highly to actually debuting at #1 at the anidb charts I was in awe.

    Then there was the whole nanashi-fansub drama that spread in the anime community so I was bound to hear about it. On campus we have this DC++ thing and a bunch of folks had all 50 eps so I dl it and said id keep it and watch it over the summer. I watched it and I liked it. And that was it. This was around June I think. Exactly a year ago. I was on campus for the summer studying for med school exams.

    But then something happened, sometime in december when I was browsing through adult swim and they were showing it. It was dubbed and all, but I was so caught up in the first episode, and I couldn’t understand y. I had seen it before, why was I so caught up, and excited?? I went and got out my hard drive and decided to watch it again. Shit. As far as I am concerned, I saw 2 very different shows.

    You know how one time, there was this girl u knew, she was okay looking, u never thought she was hot, but she was kinda cool. Then one night you actually had a deep conversation with her, and at that very moment, she was becoming a new person. When you saw her the next day, she wasn’t the same… she became ridiculously hot…. U find yourself fantasizing about her every hour, daily, and from nowhere these feelings just busted upon u. And then u begin to wonder, wtf is going on?? Since when did I start liking her, she’s always been cool, but goddamn, why cant I get her off my mind. Next thing u know… well to each his own… I digress.

    But I think I got my point across.
    That was how my second viewing of eureka seven was for me. It was a totally different anime. The moment renton leaps off the cliff from the very first episode hoping to fly, I plunged and soared with him. Gekko state became my family for those couple of days I relished in eureka seven.


    And one of the greatest moments in all of anime, and I mean all of anime takes place in episode 26 when renton realizes how much he loves eureka and revs back to the ship, only for eureka to realize how much she loves renton and she leaves to go find him. And then ray and Charles attack.
    That ep is full of such beauty and poignance, its just amazing. When Charles is chasing eureka and shes dodging all those bullets and then she pounces off her boards and breaks her hand. She slips and falls into oblivion… and renton comes to save her right when she is saying good bye in her heart. He saves her and they declare their love for each other, simultaneously Charles is chasing them like hell but not even coming close to catching them. ~sigh~ at that moment was when the E7 shattered its way into my top 10.

    ********** END OF SPOILER*********

    This greatness of this anime has no specifics. The characters, the music, and the story wow. I dl the ost right after I was done, and I was blasting it on my way to and from class for a whole week. Renton and eureka as amazing as they were in character, they didn’t shine on their own. Each person had a story, and for each story u felt their pain, joy and struggles. Be it dewey, anemone, Holland, and many more. The Art in this anime I don’t think can be topped. I honestly think it is flawless, except for the soccer ep. But top quality animation for 50 eps, c’mon, I give mad props. The only anime that has superior animation is probably Gankutsuo. I don’t think I will ever see something more beautifully animated in my lifetime.

    Most of all I love the diversity in this anime. For once they didn’t draw us black folk like monkeys, or fucking black-faced clowns with the big lips and afro. Look at every other anime besides planet es for how black people are represented in anime and u’ll see what I mean. I don’t understand why they draw black people that way… maybe its ignorance or xenophobia…

    “Days” was an awesome song. I think its def in my top OP of all time. So many great songs on the ost But the song that gets to me most is Eureka, and Distant memory. These songs just transport me to that beautiful yet fucked up world. At the end of the day, Eureka and renton remind us that life and love are supremely fucked up to the core. Yet within moments… however small and subtle… we can find beauty.

  13. kauldron26 said,

    that was my review i wrote of eureka 7 off anidb and animenfo

  14. Tallon said,

    Basically all you did was whine about how you’re black. Noone cares dude. =/

  15. jpmeyer said,

    Someone on the amrc-l listserv declared Princess Tutu as the “girliest anime ever made”. With a name like that, how can you disagree?

  16. kauldron26 said,

    @tallon, nice to know there are bigots in the anime world. o well. i’d insult u or say something ignorant, or get some folks to hack the shit and fuck up ur blog, but MLK said one should focus more on enlightening ignorance that fighting it. peace.

  17. Tallon said,

    Um, youre the one who was talking about race and omg omg omg how japanese people hate you or some crap. If anyones a bigot its you. You’re review had an entire paragraph complaining about how japanese usually portray blacks, so dont tell me im ‘a biggot’ nor that i deserve some sort of payback.

    What i said is true, look yourself at your OWN writing. The only one bringing up race was you, i was the one saying noone cares what race you are. Its got nothing to do with your race, nationality, or anything else, but you really are an idiot.

  18. Tallon said,

    all in all, your entire reply WAS you saying something ignorant, so you didnt avoid that.

  19. kauldron26 said,

    ok so i guess it came down to interpretation then. when u said no one cares, i assumed that u meant that no one gives a damn about stereotypes or oppression. that was the attitude people had when the holocaust took place, when the Japaneses were sent to prison camps in ww2 and slavery went down for 400 yrs. u saying “no one cares” sounded like a nonchalant statement in regards to prejudice and stereotypes.

  20. sethjohnson said,

    @kauldron26 & Tallon,

    OMG. You guys are like…making my life complete. I think this comments thread is perhaps the crowning achievement of this blog. I’m serious. I want to kiss you both (with tongue).

  21. Tallon said,

    lmao, you’re one sexy beast seth. Although i feel sorta bad for starting a little flame war on your blog, lol. This is like one of hte only blogs i read anyway, so my bad.

    And yeah, i didnt mean it like that, sorry you managed to take it that way somehow kauldron.

  22. Tallon said,

    Put me on your blogroll or no buttsechs tho : <

  23. sethjohnson said,

    Can’t have that…

  24. tj han said,

    Yes!! I’m Yellow! Can I join in to make this a Royal Rumble?

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