BTW, Code Geass still pwns

July 30, 2007 at 2:10 am (Anime)

Episodes 24 & 25 finally released, finishing the First Season. If the delay was to put time into making them, well, it was worth it?

I’d forgotten how great Code Geass is.

This show hardcore has everything. It’s like an amalgamation of all the good parts of shows Sunrise has done. ORIGINAL STORY, action, sex, facial distortion, “ZEROOOOOOOOOOOOOO”, ANTI-HERO, no good guys only different guys and some bad guys, explosions, giant fucking robots, scientists who make even better giant fucking robots, aliens, psychopaths, secret history of the world, “HEIL BRITTANIA”, strategerie, CLAMP chara designs, HOMO HOMO INNUENDO, explosions, revenge, AWESOME, forced cosplay, product placement, harem (and huge shipping opportunities), good pacing, secret identities, lots of episodes with almost no filler, good animation, floating fortresses, epic story scale, a student council, highschool romance, explosions, people going crazy, a protagonist who wears a mask, lots of plot-secrets to puzzle out, enormous cast, continuity, minor characters turning out to actually matter, international politics, intrigue, TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD, explosions, fighting FOR JUSTICE, references to Arthurian legends, racism, nothing ever going right, super powers, chess, epic fan-service DVD extras, an insane lesbian, good music, fights that are conscious of the environment, fights that don’t always use the same gimmick weapon to win, lots of fights, characters with dramatic flaws other than intense stupidity or chivalry, hubris, epic cliffhangers, PWNING, and the ability to weave a complex plot without just making it confusing.

Code Geass is sort of like concentrated essence of anime, and if you haven’t already watched it, you probably should be.



  1. tj han said,

    AGREED!! It’s probably the pinnacle of anime for the masses.

  2. Anonymous said,


  3. Anonymous said,

    meh, shit sucks. Fights were ok but the “development” sucked ass, the characters turn into shitty cliche parodies and nothing gets resolved at the end. IT WAS A FUCKING CLIFFHANGER ENDING, with a new season only a year or more away. God dammit, Sunrise has been a fail studio ever since BONES came into being.

    Hopefully Gundam00 won’t suck as much as Geass did. It’s not a BAD show, but sure as hell ain’t great.

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