Thinking Ahead About Nanoha 4

August 15, 2007 at 10:07 pm (Anime)

Nanoha embraces a classic genre convention: defeating someone in battle makes you BFFs. However, as sequels spawn, this creates a problem for the franchise. In each case, everyone wants screen-time, which in Nanoha-universe means equal-numbers of enemies. So the cast explodes exponentially:

Season 1: Nanoha and Yuuno VS Fate and Arf
Season 2: Nanoha and Yuuno and Fate and Arf VS Vita and Signum and Shamal and Zafiel and Hayate and Reinforce
Season 3: Nanoha and Yuuno and Fate and Vita and Signum and Hayate and Rein and Ginga and Subaru and Teana and Caro and Erio VS Zest and Agito and that summoner loli and the twelve killbots

So there will be a problem for Season 4, unless they just have the entire cast recite different parts of Spoon River Anthology.

The solution? Instead of an action sequel, we move to a spin-off about Nanoha, Fate, and the heterochromic loli thing that is one half Full Metal Panic Fumoffu, one half Married With Children. SOUNDS LIKE WINNAR.



  1. Nighty said,

    Nah, S4 will probably be…

    TSAB + Killbots vs Al-Hazard.

  2. TheBigN said,

    As someone who’s a fan more of the character interactions than the action (all awesome as it is), I approve. :D

  3. aefleda said,

    nvr knew there is a fourth season

  4. Asgiov said,

    You have a really good point.
    Thought there were too many characters at the end of the third season and so the ending seemed to drag a bit and I wasn’t as satisfied as the first two seasons.

    I think for the 4th season they just have to bring back Fate and Nanoha, probably Tea and Subaru too. The dragon kids don’t really need to come back IMO, but I do want at least Hammer girl and sword girl to come back as support characters(I dunno why I can’t remember their names right now). I think all the other characters could pretty much just make some cameo appearances. They need a better villain for the 4th season too, that doctor with the purple hair was extremely lame and cliche.

  5. Koveras said,

    I think the solution to the enormous cast problem is simply making the series longer. That way, everyone gets enough screentime (theoretically) and fans are happy (woot, more than MORE Nanoha goodness!). I also agree that Scalietti was lame and Hayate made a far better “big bad” than him. Hopefully, they’ll come up with a villain just as cute for the fourth season so Nanoha can befriend them and make fans squee in delight. Oh, and they better give us some explicit Nanoha/Fate scenes already. :P

    PS: You probably don’t know me, I just stumbled upon your blog via Google search for “Nanoha 4”. V^^;

  6. Christmas said,

    I hope they dont time jump 10 years (like between A’s and StrikerS)… idk what i would do if Fateo and Nanoha were in wheel chairs or some other ridiculous handicap.

  7. kazid said,

    I think, the first post has a good point, the last enemy or the 4 season enemy has to be Al hazard, its something as, …uhmm for example, a good enemy will be the sister of Fate, maybe she survive at the end, and was taken by the ramaining forces of Al Hazard, and then, they have to do something whit Fate’s sister to take revenge over all Michilda I think it was a very good argument to season 4

  8. Klaous said,

    Its amazing. I was bored as hell so I decided to look up about nanoha for some reason. Then I decided also to google “nanoha 4”. I think me and Koveras were on the same wave length right there. Any who I seriously doubt that the 12 sisters will appear in the next season if there will be a next season. I mean they were pretty much written off as a rehabilitation script. If anything maybe just side story characters.

    And Signum will most likely reappear because of how she and Agito seemed to have joined together. That and Vita most defiantly will be back. I mean come on any character that almost possibly dies to save someone and doesn’t is a major character in any sequel.

    And i sure as hell hope its not to far into the future like StrickerS was cause I don’t want Vivio to grow up to fast XD

  9. Alyssia said,

    Season 4 became known, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha TravellerS. It’s travelling through time, I’ve heard.

  10. sethjohnson said,


    I haven’t seen any news posts like that; where did you see that?

  11. tjenwei said,

    i’m really loved to watch it if there is a season 4… yeah maybe it’s to fast to see all of them growt. hope for the s4 appear soon

  12. AvaskevyValSheedsak said,

    mzovgwpootheprhwwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch ;)

  13. Guigy said,

    Why god .. Why did Nanoha and fate have to grow up ! why ! !! .

  14. Haze said,

    Well, the 4th season has already been anounced as a Comic (Note: Not Manga) in a magazine (In Japan Obviously) where it tells the story of Nanoha as she is now 25 years old. That is all the current information. No info on any other characters, but it is expected that Vivio will become aregular cast member as she is now older.

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