Other Fall Anime (after a few weeks)

October 28, 2007 at 4:22 pm (Anime)

Night Wizard – Watchable.

Gundam 00 – My computer is apparently not awesome enough to play this.

Rental Magica – meh

Ninomiya – pr0n

Suteki Tantei Labyrinth – boring. nice background art though

Dragonaut – maybe

ef – NO U.

Ghost Hound – that…sure is from the dudes who made Lain.

Bamboo Blade – does not make me want to stab out my eyes with steak knives. Has sentai jokes and justice.

So I also have looked at Clannad, KimiKiss, Genshiken 2 (which I can’t get excited about =\), and Minami-ke.

I still have that Nougami Neuro thing in my queue. Oh and Shion no Ou.

Did I miss anything?



  1. Sasa said,

    Moyashimon? Ghost Hound? Kaiji? Blue Drop? Oh God, Seth, you are watching so many things I don’t watch – and none of the stuff I watch. Ugh.

  2. Hinano said,

    Shugo Chara

  3. sethjohnson said,

    @sasa, Well to be precise I’m not watching most of these things. Ghost Hound was up there.

    @hinano, that makes two wimmenz who want me to learn how to be the best magical girl I can be. alright then.

  4. TheBigN said,

    “Gundam 00 – My computer is apparently not awesome enough to play this.”

    I got the mkv files instead of the avi files from one group, and I was thinking the same thing. Silly me. :P

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