Gokusen relates to my interests

November 6, 2007 at 8:20 pm (Anime, Dorama)

So, forgetting all the fall anime for the moment, I’ve been watching the Gokusen dorama. Somebody recommended it to me a long time ago, but I forget who; and then one of the new kids at the university anime club brought some of it to an event, and I’m like “Oh yeah!” but without the bursting through a wall to give everyone Kool-Aid.

Comparisons to GTO are unavoidable, because there are huge huge story similarities, but Gokusen is awesome in an entirely different way from GTO.

With GTO, I cry manly tears every time I watch an episode of it. It is full of manliness, and extreme dedication.

Gokusen has only had one ep that made me cry manly tears (8, with the nurse’s little kid), however it is much more full of JUSTICE and FRIENDSHIP.

For example:

If a biker gang were harassing one of Onizuka’s students, he would footrace down the bicycles, kick the gangsters off a bridge, take their bikes, tie the student to the front of the bicycles and simultaneously drive all of them down a busy highway to teach the student not to have fear, the student would cry (terrified), the bikers would cry (from intense physical pain), and Onizuka would laugh (maniacally) while egging on the student, and then he would make a lame-ass excuse when he accidentally flashes a high-school girl he has the hots for.

If a biker gang were harassing one of Yankumi’s students, she would interrupt them when they tried to corner the student, throw them off their bikes, give them a lecture about how ganging up on one person is cowardly and real men fight one on one to protect the things they care about, the gangsters would cry (inspired by her speech), the student would cry (inspired by her speech), Yankumi would cry (inspired by her speech) while ruffling the student’s hair, and then she would make a lame-ass excuse when she accidentally bumps into the upstanding policeman she has the hots for.

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