Naruto Death Pool

December 16, 2007 at 8:58 pm (Anime)

This post is full of lulz spoilers.

I “caught up” on Naruto this week. By which I mean I got tired of waiting for a bunch of stuff to happen in the anime and hunted down the most extensive backlog of currently printing manga I could find. Which still left something of a gap between where the anime is and where I started reading (which was basically Asuma’s death scene).

I guess it’s partly a side-effect of reading a ton of it at once, but it felt like the manga moved much much faster.


Jiraiya’s death was pretty much inevitable. Even before he starts foreshadowing it with this “the coming generation” stuff, he is the insightful old man who trained the main character and helped him come of age. He’s gotta go; demands of the genre.

So that got me thinking about who else has to die. Tsunade comes to mind, since she’s also of Jiraiya’s generation. If Konoha is ever assaulted you can pretty much count on her defending it with her life much liked the 3rd Hokage did. Otherwise it might be possible for her to just retire. And then there’s the high likelihood of the Akatsuki plot being followed by a root plot and her dying due to intrigue. I’d give her about an 80% chance of death.

Kakashi is probably gonna die, since he is also the main characters’ sensei. But he doesn’t fit quite as cleanly into the destined-for-death mold as Jiraiya and Tsunade, so there’s a chance he’ll just be assumed dead and then turn out to have actually survived in the denouement. Pretty much the same goes for Gai, though if one of them dies the other will probably survive. 70% chance of death.

The easiest call by magnitudes is Sasuke. That kid has practically no chance to survive, even with a miraculous denouement recovery. The ONLY way he could live would be if Naruto died, and this doesn’t seem like the kind of story where the main character dies. There are a lot of reasons and conventions at play here, but one of the simplest is that the only way for an action story to resolve a love triangle is by killing people. Incidentally, this also means Hinata is likely to die. Sasuke death odds are at least 99%.

On an entirely different note, I found Deidara’s final battle incredibly amusing. This is a character with a fairly straightforward style. He blows shit up. Given how little effect explosions tend to have in action series (heroes are always triumphantly standing when the smoke clears), the only way they managed to make him menacing at all was to start by having him take out Gaara. So then Kakashi kind of owns him and it seems like he’s just sad, but then it turns out none of that matters, because his entire purpose is to die shouting “MY ART…IS A BLAST!” (and he gets to do it twice!).



  1. Hinano said,

    I don’t think Sasuke’s gonna die I mean who’s gonna have Karin’s babies? LOL.
    I doubt Gai will die because most of those characters have been killed off in a “they’re no longer important” sort of way so they never get screentime anymore so they’re no different from a character killed through the actual story (except the char who dies will be missed while I frankly don’t give a damn about Lee Neji and TenTen at this point lol)

  2. Lily said,

    Naruto is not goin to die likely saskue not a chance!

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