Moyashimon was the best microbiology anime I’ve ever seen

March 30, 2008 at 8:30 pm (Anime)

It apparently got better right after (episode 7) I had quit watching it (episode 6).

After I quit watching it, apparently the show became all about EXUBERANT YOUTH leading to things like SUDDEN GOTHLOLI COMING-OUT, which was great, as was all of the characters related reactions including the old man who is just like “ahh, to be young again”, and the bondage doctorette who responded to “EWW MAN KISSING MAN IS GROSS YOU ARE DIRTY!” by ambush-kissing the poor girl and telling her “WELL GUESS WHAT NOW YOU ARE DIRTY TOO”

And any flaws this show might have had were negated by the scene in the last episode, where after being ambush-hugged by the bondage doctorette, Sawaki is encouraged thusly by his microbe-pals:

“Hey, hey! You shy boy!”
“You just gonna go home?”
“If you’re a man, you should have gone down on her!”
“Yeah, really…”
“Normally, most would go for it.”
“Go back laughing and get on her!”
“Push her down! Push her down! Push her down!”



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  2. jbr said,

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