Spring anime, about halfway

May 17, 2008 at 3:35 pm (Anime)

I’m watching too much anime this Spring, but it seems to be really good.

I particularly look forward to:
Code Geass, Vampire Knight, Daughter of 20 Faces

I am also watching the somewhat entertaining:
Oinari-sama, Zettai Karen Children, Allison and Lilia, Itazura na Kiss

And for some fucking reason also:
Kurenai, Special A, Soul Eater

Starting from the bottom…

Because negative criticism is easier than positive criticism

I think the only reason I have watched any more Soul Eater was because I just got a new computer and can finally watch HD anime (*gush*). I like the art a lot, but the story just…absolutely doesn’t interest me at all. I flipped through some of the manga and it doesn’t look like it gets any more interesting.

Actually Special A, which had been kind of craptacular, may have turned up a bit at episode 6. I feel like Special A is not taking advantage of its huge supporting cast to their full potential. Also I really hate the mentality of the male lead where he has to protect her from everything. Also the I WILL MAKE YOU A BENTO episode made me want to hurl. I think I have maybe watched too much shoujo romance, and have too strong a contextualization of their genre conventions (which is probably why I like josei anime so much). But episode 6 made it seem like there might actually be character development, and it also made me laugh for once (the measurements-taking scene).

Kurenai could be the best show this season. It appears to be bursting with latent creativity. However, in my opinion, it is very poorly executed. After six episodes the pacing hasn’t gotten any better, and that just ruins it for me. I don’t know what the director is trying to do, but they need to get this beast under control so it can live up to its potential. It’s all…unwieldy.

In the middle

Oinari-sama is holding my interest somehow. It is a lot less fan-service pandery than I’d expected, and has had pretty good comedic characterization. Good cast charisma I think. And I also enjoy shinto mythos stuff.

Zettai Karen Chlidren…because my id is…a super-powered nekketsu magical school girl ? I don’t know.

Allison and Lillia. Possibly the best show this season if you are not an otaku. The first arc was good. The second arc is confusing me; I hope it makes sense at the end.

Itazura na Kiss. Sticking to its guns, an enjoyable if not outstanding shoujo romcom.

The good shit

Vampire Knight – I find this strangely compelling. I like Yuki (Yuuki? I suck at Japanese transliteration). And obviously am on-board the Zero X Yuki train. I think Vampire Knight strikes the right balance for me between drama/romance and activity (rather than ten minute long scenes of sitting on a park bench alone wondering how your love interest will ever forgive you the sin of liking him/her). Also I like vampires.

Daughter of 20 Faces – Light-hearted (so far) and enjoyable. I don’t actually see too many adventure-genre shows in anime these days. Do20F is delivering there, although it needs to pick up some more extended plot action here before too long or it will get stale. Though with the last episode ending in an OMINOUS EXPRESSION, that is maybe about to happen.



  1. Aki3 said,

    You should try Kaiba too, it’s unique and very interesting imo. I also think Amatsuki is pretty good, but that’s my opinion, i know a lot of people hate it. I watch most of anime this spring except Blasseiter , Crystal Blaze, Da capo II, Himitsu, Druaga Tower, Neo Angelique.

    My top list would be: Code geass, Kaiba, Kurenai, xxxholic2, macross F. I also look forward to Kamen no maid guy, Kyouran Kazoku Nikki, not because they are good or anything…i just want to relax maybe :D

  2. sethjohnson said,

    kaiba, macross F, and Kyouran Kazoku Nikki I may watch later after they finish airing. Kaiba looked like it might be a good show but I think it might fall victim to my short attention span.

  3. Sasa said,

    Yeah, I was about to drop Kaiba due to the same reason as you didn’t start watching it, but then, it becomes good starting from episode 3 in my opinion!

    Kyouran Kazoku Nikki is crap and totally not funny in my opinion. But people have different senses of humour, eh?

    I especially find it interesting that you somewhat dislike the shows I enjoy the most, Soul Eater and Kurenai. But I do realize they both have their flaws.

  4. sethjohnson said,


    If Kaiba picks up a little bit by episode 3, I may have to check it out. I watched most of the first episode a while back.

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