Q: What is the connection between Turn-A Gundam and Nanoha?

June 26, 2008 at 7:37 pm (Anime)

A: They are the only two anime in anidb that have the “white devil” tag

Some point in recent history, anidb added a tags system for anime. In my experience, these kinds of things are usually hilarious. The ones on IMDB are pretty amusing, because you can search for all the movies that have a tag like “killer robots”, “eye gouging”, “experiment gone wrong”, or, one of my personal favorites, “run through plate glass window” (these are all tags for Bladerunner).

Turn-A Gundam also has the tags: “UNIVERSE” “cool shades” “epic” “mecha” “nanomachines” and “trap”


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Scratch and Sniff Baking & Buttsex Manga coming to Noitamina

June 21, 2008 at 11:20 am (Anime)

Things I have learned about Antique Bakery (this summer’s Noitamina-slot anime):

1. The manga release was shrink-wrapped, not due to sexual content, but because the cover had scratch-and-sniff pastries on it.

2. It is full of food porn. And not the Tampopo kind where a yakuza licks whipped cream off his mistress’s breasts, but the kind where they really hammer on the Pavlov with titillating pictures of cakes and pies and so forth.

3. It is about gay bakers. Witness:

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