Scratch and Sniff Baking & Buttsex Manga coming to Noitamina

June 21, 2008 at 11:20 am (Anime)

Things I have learned about Antique Bakery (this summer’s Noitamina-slot anime):

1. The manga release was shrink-wrapped, not due to sexual content, but because the cover had scratch-and-sniff pastries on it.

2. It is full of food porn. And not the Tampopo kind where a yakuza licks whipped cream off his mistress’s breasts, but the kind where they really hammer on the Pavlov with titillating pictures of cakes and pies and so forth.

3. It is about gay bakers. Witness:



  1. nckl said,

    I’m going to sound ignorant/stupid here, but I’m curious: Is that an actual official translation? Because if it is, I cannot imagine how much laughing the translator did before coming up with that translation.

  2. sethjohnson said,

    @nckl, unfortunately I’m not sure of the source for that image, so I can’t speak too much to the veracity of the translation. I do not think it is too far off though.

  3. Sasa said,

    @nckl: Well at least I can say that there is an official translation (by DMP). Not sure if this picture is a scan of it though, I never read Antique Bakery myself.

    @Seth: Maybe I should take a look at this, since I’m such a Noitamina fangirl and all, and your post make it sound like it’s going to be so much winnage, hahaha.

  4. jpmeyer said,


  5. Ara said,

    I had to extra check in my DMP copy to make sure but yes, it is the official traslation. I remember I totally couldn’t stop laughing for a while when I first read it. Actually, neither could another main character that burst into laughter on the very next page…

    Just for the record, it’s been making me crazy that everyone refers to it as a story about gay bakers when it’s not. Yes, there is a gay baker and a guy who’s just plain too stupid to tell the gender of his crushes (who is not a baker), but it’s not really ABOUT gay bakers, nor is it a boys love series. It’s a drama-comedy with lots and lots of awesome. Well, of course I can’t say for sure anything of the anime adaptation, but anyway…

  6. usagijen said,

    that picture is deceiving, considering that Ono is the only gay in this manga lol.

    As Ara said, this is not about gay bakers. Thinking that the series is all about gayness doesn’t really do this manga justice >_< I just hope all these misunderstandings are cleared up before people start dropping this show without knowing what it’s really about.

  7. drobviousso said,

    So wait, is the buttsex scratch and sniff too? Because Usagijen makes it sound like it’s not, and if it’s not, then I need to cancel my orders.

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