Q: What is the connection between Turn-A Gundam and Nanoha?

June 26, 2008 at 7:37 pm (Anime)

A: They are the only two anime in anidb that have the “white devil” tag

Some point in recent history, anidb added a tags system for anime. In my experience, these kinds of things are usually hilarious. The ones on IMDB are pretty amusing, because you can search for all the movies that have a tag like “killer robots”, “eye gouging”, “experiment gone wrong”, or, one of my personal favorites, “run through plate glass window” (these are all tags for Bladerunner).

Turn-A Gundam also has the tags: “UNIVERSE” “cool shades” “epic” “mecha” “nanomachines” and “trap”



  1. jpmeyer said,

    Other gems:

    Blassreiter: horrible CG
    Nadesico: manly tears
    Witchblade: MILF, skimpy clothing most fit for job
    Moetan: overflowing juices
    Chobits: the balls are inert
    Hayate the Combat Butler: hard work and guts
    Death Note: vacuous idealism
    Plastic Little: space whales
    Gundam Seed: doener kebabs
    Chokoto Sister: pedobear approved

  2. sethjohnson said,

    Gurren Lagann: Who the hell do you think I am
    Gintama: laryngological penetration

  3. The Sojourner said,

    Nanoha: I wanna be a ferret
    Junjou Romantica: They came from behind

  4. sethjohnson said,

    I have created a new ‘girls running with bread in their mouth’ tag

  5. The Sojourner said,

    What is that for? For high school comedies and harems?

  6. sethjohnson said,

    It’s for anime with scenes of girls running with bread in their mouths (generally when late for class).

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