Out with the old anime, in with the New

October 18, 2008 at 3:36 pm (Anime)


* Allison and Lilia – solid B+ adventure

* Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu – brought out my inner fangirl; late-game cockblocking was a little annoying, but in line with the show’s general demeanor

* Itazura na Kiss – This got dull, but I finished it anyway. Needed more…lulz.

* Special A – Good for a few laughs. Got better after first six episodes, but the regressive gender presentation bugged me (i.e. girls are weak and have to be protected; on this count Itazura no Kiss was much better, but not nearly as funny).

* Code Geass R2 – I forgot to check and see how people liked the ending. I was surprised that it even managed a vague level of cohesiveness, so I guess it won the expectation vote. But I think expectation control was a big part of enjoying Code Geass R2. Can we call this genre “KEIKAKU SHOUNEN”?

* Zettai Karen Children – This show has grown on me quite a bit as a piece of disposable humor/action/mahou shoujo (the Chilrdren’s sentai cheers always make me laugh). I need to see how long it is intending to run, but I’d be fine with it going on for several seasons.

* Daughter of 20 Faces – Has been dragging in the latter half, but I want to see how it ends

* Wagaya no Oinari-sama – Still a solid B+ show. Has everything. Action, comedy, blushing.


* Clannad After Story – Not something I get excited about each new episode of, but sometimes funny and sometimes sweet.

* Nodame Cantible Paris Chapter – first episode looked to be just as good as a first season episode

* Gundam 00 – It’s still shiny mecha action SERIOUS BUSINESS. Predict I will like this more than the first season.

* Toradora – Started off pretty funny, nicely animated romantic comedy, and blazed through the little bit of manga I’d read, but I predict it will tank by episode five or six. Could do without the “URUSAI!” Had enough of that from…like every other show she starred in.

* Shikabane Hime – Mediocre occult action / horror. Not off to a great start, but with GAINAX it’s just hard to tell. I’m going to give this some time to get its shit going before tossing it.

* Yozakura Quartet – Slightly less mediocre occult action. This is basically the Jump show of the season (I have no idea if it was actually in Jump). These shows are all pretty much the same, which doesn’t mean they aren’t entertaining (except for Soul Eater, which wasn’t entertaining, except to everybody who isn’t me).

* Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka – Romantic Comedy #4 for this season. So far so…okay. Good planning by the director though. First episode leaves some good open questions, and second episode mostly answers them and ratchets up the show complexity / humor a bit. I’ll give it probably six episodes to see where it’s going.

* Kannagi – Romantic Comedy #5 for this season. Anime is not really celebrated for new and original ideas. For instance this is a show about a human-like non-human girl who must arbitrarily live with her level-headed male theoretical love interest who otherwise lives alone; the romance and comedy are both based on her disconnect with normal human society. Most tropes don’t repeat quite this much…detail. HOWEVER! So far the acting is really good, good production values, and pretty funny, and I’m a bit curious if the whole ‘idol’ thing is just somebody being stupid with the OP or actually something that happens in the show. This one is worth a shot.

* Etc Etc Index – Occult action #3 for this season. I hear it’s short. It takes very little convincing to get me to watch a one-cour anime.

* Chaos; Head – Surreal suspense starring a fucking NEET. I hate the characters and don’t like the art or animation, or much about the show. Except that I think the plot and the way they’re trying to present it actually looks sort of interesting. I expect I will get sick of Choas; Fuckhead when that turns out to be totally an accident and the plot goes into idiot-land, the land filled with idiots.

* Tytania – second to last show I was waiting for subs on. In a season full of harem, we bring you EPIC SPACE OPERA. I, uh, rather like epic space opera, though in my experience anime attempts at the genre have been a bit clumsy in the past. This, however, looks like sex on toast. Definite watch.

* Michiko to Hatchin – last show I was waiting for subs on, and the first show that grabbed my attention when I was looking over the bullet summaries for this season. Looks like the kind of thing likely to be very popular with mainstream audiences, particularly in the U.S. I say this mostly because, rather than being in an Anime Genre (robot harem, sentai action, mahou shojou, gay bakers, etc), it’s in a Cinema Genre (powerful but hard-hearted older character + innocent younger character are suddenly thrown together due to Circumstances and do the Character Development Dance while they have some sort of Adventure related to their Circumstances; somebody probably dies). First episode good production values; that’s never very telling, but I have high hopes.



  1. Sasa said,

    Yay, somebody has finished Allison & Lillia! I haven’t yet, but I actually can’t wait to. Considering that you barely blog anymore, you watch quite an impressive list of series! (Do you have a MAL profile anyways?)

    I think your observation on Michiko & Hatchin is quite spot on, it really is the type of show that you can recommend to non-otaku. And I am having high expectations for it.

    Nodame was pretty nice indeed, and the next episode just came out, yay! Have you watched it?

    Well, I am surprised that you are still watching so much anime, whereas I have barely picked up 3 shows so far, heh.

  2. sethjohnson said,

    Well, it takes a lot more energy for me to write blog posts than it does to sit on my butt and watch anime.

    I don’t have a MAL profile because I early-adopted aniDB, which turned out to be less popular. I might set up a MAL thing some day; I remember being annoyed with its design at one point, but that might have been fixed.

    Yes I watched Nodame #2. Still just as good as season one, IMO; though I’m a little tired of “MUKYA!” it’s totally made up for by Nodame saying random shit in French.

    It seems like when a new season comes up, one of two things happens to me:

    1. Intense apathy about anime. I check out the three shows that sounded cool from the bullet previews, and two of them suck. I pick up one or two others from recommendation later.

    2. Intense apathy about everything else in my life. I watch the first episode of practically every premier, latch on to about a dozen of them, and then drop at least half of those after 3-6 episodes.

    Though this season is scary; not many of these shows look to be rapidly tanking. The weakest for me are probably Clannad (which I just don’t care about very much), and Shikabane Hime (which is…starting to get better =\).

    I think one problem is that the more anime I watch, the more my tastes broaden, but I do have a history of sort of OCD media consumption. I think I spent most of a year of college playing Disgaea.

  3. Sasa said,

    Oh, I have one of those completely wasted college year too. Unfortunately it was just a year ago, and it really makes me want to go back to that time, eek.

    But yeah, I feel exactly the same! Right now, this season makes me feel very apathetic about anime, in fact. I kind of doubt there would be a show that I find truly and thoroughly enjoyable. Well, I hope you’ll continue to feel better about this season than me. :)

    Unfortunately I have watched Shikabane Hime -.- I rather disliked the first episode and it’s just pretty much dropped for me. Oh, and I have never even started watching Clannad.

  4. sethjohnson said,

    I think you might like Kannagi.

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