October 26, 2008 at 10:04 pm (Anime)

According to Wikipedia, “Chaos; Head” was originally going to be called “Gigalomaniacs”. Loljapan. Also, the designers refer to it as a “Delusional Science NVL”.

The third episode has totally drawn me in. The director must be a Satoshi Kon fanboy, like me; the style is a bit similar. Damn, I was hoping I’d be able to drop this. Tooooo much anime to watch =\



  1. The Sojourner said,

    I am not sure whether I ought to like Chaos; Head or not.

  2. firstother said,

    They should call harem series in general “Gigalomaniacs” from now on. I’m also imagining the Animaniacs dressed up as pimps now.

  3. sethjohnson said,

    It’s time for Gigalomaniacs
    And we’re horny to the max
    So just sit back and relax
    You’ll cum ’til you collapse
    We’re Gigalomanniacs!

    Cum join the Warner Brothers
    And our transvestite named Dot.
    Just for fun we’ll run our tongues all over your g-spot.
    You can lock us up or tie us up or just toss us on the cot,
    Then we’ll break loose and shoot our juice.
    And that’s not all we’ve got!

    We’re Gigalomaniacs!
    You can pay us to drop our slacks.
    Wakko packs away the cacks
    While Bill Clinton plays the sax.
    We’re Gigalomaniacs!

  4. usagijen said,

    I’m still wondering if I should be following Chaos Head or not, though I’m leaning for the latter (despite how people are pointing to the other) ^^;

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